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A nice golf practice luxury

Works as advertised. Really reminds you if you get a bit sloppy with a swing as your feedback is a loud smack from hitting its frame. Been using this for months in my basement setup & it's been great. No complaints. Give your arms & wrists a bit of a break from hitting off traditional matts.


Nice on joints. A bit of an odd feel

I bought this 3 months ago to try and help out my golfers elbow when hitting on our local range with worn out mats. For that use if was a success. My Elbow didn't hurt anywhere near as much after banging out a large bucket and are now pretty much back to normal.. The impact and slide motion does feel a little bit odd at first but I found after a week or so I didn't notice it. I find that the penalty for fat shots is a bit more than the rock hard turf and much closer to real grass.


I LOVE IT! Perfect for the lawn, the basement, or the driving range!

As a new golfer who is obsessed with getting his irons to work for him on the fairway, I needed something to help me out. My lawn suffered terribly from my self-improvement efforts (to the ridicule of my neighbors), and my wife was starting to be concerned. The nearest driving range is 20 minutes away, and often as not, the grass where you hit from is in terrible shape and mostly hard dirt. A few 'practice' rounds in actual fairways left me more and more frustrated. Then, I found this. It looked like a viable option to improve my fairway play with my irons as well as provide increased opportunities to improve/refine/practice my swing. I got it last night after work, set it up in my basement w/ my Calloway net, fabricated a 1" platform from an old thin rug (bottom), some old plywood, and another thin rug, and within a few hits I was feeling impressed. By noon, I've hit 200 balls and am absolutely and overwhelmingly pleased with this purchase.



I built an indoor range in my garage and needed something that would accurately simulate the sensation of taking a decent divot post impact. This does exactly that plus it trains you to maintain a proper swing path (failure to do so will cause you to hit the side of the device). Recommended.


Great value for a quality mat, portability is a bonus

I have had this for 3 years now and I can't recommend it enough. I will finally replace the turf this year after beating a ton of balls on it. If you are looking for an affordable mat that gives a quality turf like experience this is it. You can hit down and through with no problems. Also the portability is nice to take it to the range.....or work. Pros; 1.Durability 2.More realistic shot 3.Less "shock" 4.Affordable Cons; 1. Have to have a platform or stance mat to get to the same level

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