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Shop Indoor Golf offers the largest selection of indoor golf simulators and golf simulator packages for sale. With brands like SkyTrak, Foresight Sports, and TruGolf you can be sure to find a golf simulator for sale that fits your needs.

Before exploring the different packages, it's important to consider what your golf simulator will primarily be used for.

There are lots of golf simulators for sale, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. We're cognizant of that fact, and have worked hard to make the buying process as easy as possible for our customers. 

We've found that most are looking for a golf simulator that can be used for one of three purposes: entertainment, training and game improvement, or a golf simulator that can be used in a flex space.

For that reason, we have created golf simulator packages that align with these three categories.

Each package comes complete with at a minimum the golf simulator, a golf mat, and a golf net. We also offer more robust packages that include the golf simulator software, an HD projector, and a projector screen.

On the remainder of this page we'll review in depth the different golf simulators for sale we offer at Shop Indoor Golf.

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Entertainment Golf Simulators For Sale

These golf simulator packages are ideal for those that are looking to have fun, and care more about the entertainment aspect of the golf simulator. Perfect if you're looking for something that you can play the occasional round of golf on, or for hosting Friday night golf parties with your buddies.

We have three tiers of entertainment golf simulators for sale: silver, gold, and platinum. All three at a minimum have the ability to play mutli-player, play full rounds of golf on HD golf courses, and come with a full one year warranty.


Optishot Golf Simulator For Sale - Silver Package

optishot silver entertainment package


The Optishot Silver Entertainment Package is our most affordable and yet robust golf simulator for sale.

The Silver Entertainment Package is built around the popular OptiShot golf simulator. 

The OptiShot is an infrared based golf simulator, which is able to simulate your golf shot by measuring your clubhead at impact, and is the most affordable golf simulator for sale.

Also included in the Silver Entertainment Package is the golf simulator software which allows for simultaneous multi-player (up to 4 players), and golf course play on 15 famous golf courses.

In addition to the Optishot golf simulator and software, this package also includes the Net Return Pro Series Net, a golf simulator screen, golf mat, and an Optoma HD projector.

Priced at just $2800, you'll be hard pressed to find another golf simulator for sale, at this price point, that is built specifically for entertainment.

From unique game challenges, to realistic rounds of golf with friends, this golf simulator package has everything you need to keep you and your guests entertained for hours on end.


The SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package is Shop Indoor Golf's gold level entertainment golf simulator for sale.

This golf simulator package is built around the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, voted 2018 Best Value Golf Simulator by Golf Digest, and includes the golf simulation software as well.

The simulation software has several multi-player challenges including: closest to the pin, target practice challenge, and a longest drive challenge that up to six people can participate in.

Additionally full golf course play is available on 10 WGT golf courses (WGT Course Play for iOS only and is Single Player).

In addition to the above, the SkyTrak SIG8 Package includes the Net Return Golf Simulator Screen & projector mount kit - creating an immersive hitting experience.

Last but not least, no golf simulator for sale would be complete without an HD projector and upgraded golf mat. We've included both in the 6' 10' Pro Turf Golf Mat, and the Optoma HD 1080P projector. 

Priced at $6499.99, you won't find another golf simulator package for sale that provides every item you need as the SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator For Sale - Gold Package

SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator for Entertainment


TruGolf Golf Simulator For Sale - Platinum Package

trugolf platinum entertainment golf simulator package



The TruGolf Platinum Entertainment Golf Simulator Package is our top of the line entertainment golf simulator for sale.

The Platinum Entertainment Package is loaded with features including beautiful HD graphics (that look great on the 116" screen), TruGolf's proprietary TruTrack2 tracking system, and the popular E6 Connect golf simulation software.

E6 Connect's golf course library contains 27 golf courses to choose from, and supports multiplayer game play - including peer to peer gaming - making this a great premium option.

In addition to the E6 software, this package consists of the complete frame/enclosure, a premium fairway mat system, HD projector, 116" impact screen, a computer, 21" touchscreen, overhead light bar, side nets / side walls, and comes with a one year warranty.

Priced at $13495, the TruGolf Platinum Entertainment Package is a great premium option that has numerous entertainment based features for you and your friends to enjoy.

Training Golf Simulators For Sale

These golf simulator packages are ideal for those that are most interested in owning a golf simulator for game improvement purposes. In certain areas of the country, particularly in the north, winter season can be detrimental to one's golf game, but it doesn't have to be. 

With these training golf simulator packages, you'll be able to keep your game in peak form throughout the offseason. We have three tiers of training golf simulators for sale: silver, gold, and platinum. All three feature hardware and software that are designed specifically with game improvement features in mind.


SkyTrak Golf Simulator For Sale - Silver Training Package

SkyTrak Silver Training Package


The SkyTrak Training Package is a great option for those budget minded golfers looking to improve their game at home.

Although this package doesn't come with all the bells and whistles, it does come with everything you need to begin fine tuning your game using golf simulator technology.

Golfers will be provided real time visual feedback and ball performance data that can be used to train and improve. Measurements provided with every shot include: launch angle, back spin, carry distance, and total distance.

Other game improvement features include: shot replay, skills assessment, bag mapping, progress tracking, multiple camera views, and the ability to set custom environmental settings.

There are also three skills challenges that up to 6 people can compete in: closest to the pin, longest drive, and target practice.

In addition to the SkyTrak and software mentioned above, this golf simulator for sale comes with a golf mat, and your choice of either the Net Return Home Series or Pro Series golf net & side barriers.

Starting at just $3299.99, you'll be hard pressed to find another golf simulator for sale, at this price point, that is packed with as many game improvement features.


The SkyTrak SIG10 Package is Shop Indoor Golf's gold level golf simulator package for sale - catered towards those interested in training and simulating real golf course environment at home.

The Gold Training Package is built around the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, and includes metal protective case as well.

In addition to the SkyTrak, you also receive upgraded golf simulation software. The software includes everything in the Silver Training Package, PLUS access to full golf course play.

Full golf course play is available on 10 world famous WGT golf courses (WGT Course Play for iOS only and is Single Player).

In addition to the above, the Gold Training Package includes our 10'W SIG10 golf simulator enclosure, Projector Shield, and an HD Optoma projector - creating an immersive hitting experience.

What separates this SkyTrak package from others, is the Fiberbuilt Golf Mat option. Thanks to the proprietary grass panel, the golf mat will mimic taking a divot from the fairway at impact - simulating conditions one would expect on the golf course.

Starting at $7299.99, this golf simulator package for sale provides you with the tools and simulated conditions to take your game to the next level.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator For Sale - Gold Training Package

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator


GC2 Golf Simulator For Sale - Platinum Training Package

gc2 platinum training golf simulator package for sale


The GC2 Platinum Training Package is our top training golf simulator for sale.

Featuring real time visual feedback with club head and ball launch data outputted directly to the screen, the Platinum Training Package has everything the serious golfer needs to work on their golf game at home.

The GC2 uses an advanced camera to capture up to 10,000 frames per second, allowing for ball data to be recorded such as: ball speed, launch angle, back/side spin, and carry distance.

What sets this package apart from other golf simulators for sale is the inclusion of the Foresight HMT, which allows you to measure club head data. Additional data points made possible include: club head speed, smash factor, angle of attack, club path, etc.

In addition to the above, the Platinum Training Package includes the Net Return Golf Simulator Screen, projector mount kit, an HD Optoma projector, and a Truestike golf mat - creating an immersive hitting experience.

Designed specifically for the serious golfer, no expense was spared when we put together the GC2 Platinum Training Package - the best training golf simulator for sale.

Flex Space Golf Simulator For Sale

This golf simulator package is ideal for those that need some flexibility in their setup. Flex spaces, or rooms that can be used for multiple purposes, are becoming increasingly popular across the country. As such many golfers are looking for a golf simulator setup that can easily be put up, and just as easily taken down.

Our Flex Space golf simulator package does just this. Featuring a retractable golf simulator screen, and a golf mat that can be rolled up like a rug and put away, this package allows you to convert any room in your home into your own personal golf sanctuary. The best part is once your done, simply retract the screen and store your golf mat, and your space returns back into its original form.


SkyTrak Golf Simulator For Sale - Flex Space Package

skytrak flex space golf simulator package


The SkyTrak Flex Space Package is the ideal golf simulator for sale for those that will be using their golf simulator in a shared space.

Whether your space is the garage, media room, or a spare bedroom, this package is perfect if you need your space back after using the golf simulator. Everything in the SkyTrak Flex Space Package is lightweight and portable, and can be setup or put away in minutes.

The package is built around the best launch monitor on the market, the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor - and also includes the metal protective case, and golf simulation software.

What truly makes this a Flex Space package is the HomeCourse Pro Retractable screen. This golf simulator screen mounts to the ceiling, extends down and out while in use, and with the push of a button retracts returning your space back to its original form.

Also included is a 6' x 10' golf mat that can be rolled up and stored when not in use, the Optoma EH200ST golf simulator projector, and the Projector Shield Enclosure.

Priced at $5799.99, you will be hard pressed to find another golf simulator package for sale that is designed specifically for flex spaces as the SkyTrak Flex Space Package.


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