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Confidence Builder!

I love gadgets and could not resist getting this thing even though some reviews were not so hot. I've found the results of my swings to be very enlightening and I was surprised to see that my swing plane is better than I thought. With a little tweaking, I managed to adjust to a perfect plane. It's helpful knowing my swing speed, too. When I have a good, on plane swing at a good speed and the ball went straight and far, then I mark it as a favorite and "groove" it. Overall, just seeing the graphic display of my swing and knowing my swing speed has given me new confidence, and that alone makes this a worthwhile purchase.


Easy Set up

I hardly write reviews but products that deliver results deserves a review. Easy set up! Charge, download app, place product on club, calibrate, and swing! I researched and researched on which analyzer to buy. I decided on Skycaddie and I'm glad I did because I'm a satisfied customer! Before I bought the product, I thought I was swinging from inside to out but I discovered I was coming over the top once I swung my club! This product provides swing speed, angle of attack, and takeaway angle to name a few. The great thing is groove mode because you can work on issues that need to be fix! It's a must buy! You'll spend hours at the driving range swinging your club and fixing your swing with this product! Again it's a must buy!!


Excellent Devide for feedback!

I recently purchased the SkyPro and am very pleased with it thus far. Before purchasing it, I was concerned that it would be a big hassle to attach and detach it from a club but was pleased to find that it was quick and easy. It has a latch which swings open for easy positioning on the shaft and can be easily unlatched for removal. The software is free and easy to set up. There is a lot of information that is gleaned from a golf swing which, in my opinion, requires more than a beginners knowledge of the mechanics of a swing. However, if you have an instructor that is willing to use the device to help you groove good swing mechanics, then the device may be helpful for a beginner. I have seen my main swing fault on video and found that the SkyPro correlated well. I can now practice without trying to set up video or having my teaching pro observing and still have the feedback needed to work on my swing plane. The device also gives the user information about swing tempo, club head speed, back swing length, and club head orientation at multiple points in the swing. The software also has short videos of Michael Breed explaining each of the measurements (i.e.. tempo) and what they should be ideally.


Love the SkyPro, better than the one that goes on your glove

Love the SkyPro better than the ones on your glove. Gives you so much more info on what to fix. Has the Groove swing to help correct different aspects of your swing. Has swing help with putting, the others do not


Accurate and excellent feedback

Easy to use, easy to set-up provided useful feedback. helped me realize i was very inside on the takeaway and had too much shaft lean at address. I made some minor tweaks and was hitting much more consistently. Putter optioin is amazing. Again learned I was open face at impact and a simple grip adjustment led to much better putting. 2 hours at the range really made a positive impact on my game

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