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TruGolf Simulators With E6 Connect Software


Experience one of the top of the line golf simulators offered on the market today, with arguably the best golf simulation software available. 

TruGolf Simulators come from the same company who creates the top rated E6 golf simulation software that is used by thousands of PGA pros and recreational golfers alike!

Check out what makes TruGolf Simulators & E6 connect unique in the golf simulator space:

  • Portable & Fully Equipped Golf Simulator Setups
    • Includes the Computer, Projector & Software!
  • 4K HD Graphics Available
  • Up To 8 Person Multiplayer
  • Ability To Track Your Driver, Any Iron And Even Putting!
  • Multiple Courses And Skills Challenges To Play With Friends
  • Online Play Versus Other Players Possible
  • Free Shipping On All Orders

As we dive into the incredible software, courses, driving range and skills challenges lets not forget about the golf simulator that makes it possible.

TruGolf's Most Popular Golf Simulator Option: The Vista Series!

Compare The TruGolf Vista Series Golf Simulators

TruGolf Vista Series (Pro Version)

Each of the Vista Golf Simulators come with an upgraded "Pro" Version Available. Here are the upgraded features in each pro package below:

  • Upgraded TruGolf Level 2 Computer
    • Portable Audio Speaker
    • Component Rack
    • Side Netting & Side Walls

    E6 Connect Software

    Now the Vista Golf Simulator Series alone is an incredible product, but where the TruGolf Simulators really shine is the incredible software & detailed data behind each and every shot!

    Take a look below at what the new E6 Connect offers:

    • Enhanced Physics
      • Most Complete & Realistic Ball Flight Model Developed Over 30 Years
    • Improved Graphics (Up To 4K)
    • Increased Multiplayer Options
      • Have Up To 8 Friends Over To Play At Once
      • Multiple Tee Box Options To Choose From
      • Automatic Gimme Distances 
    • Brand New Skills Challenges
      • Created By 2018 Top Golf Instructor & 2011 PGA Teacher Of The Year Mike Malaska
    • Completely Rebuilt Courses
      • 27 Courses To Start
      • 4 New Courses Added Each Year
    • Peer To Peer Connectivity
      • Play With Others From All Over The World!

    Simply put E6 Connect is unmatched in the Golf Simulation Software Industry!

    E6 Range Software

    While playing on the 4K courses TruGolf has created is where most companies would stop at; TruGolf went a step further to create the most incredible driving range experience one could ask for!

    Check out a few of the features below:

    • A Brand New Mobile App To Track Show Your Data
      • Works if computer is down and you still want to swing!
    • Create A Player Profile To Track All Your Stats
      • Can Check Month After Month On Distance Gains, Accuracy Improvements, etc...
    • Multiple Skill Building Games & Challenges
      • Improve Your Driving Shape, Chipping Accuracy & So Much More!
    • Bag Mapping
      • Take 5-10 Swings With Every Club In Your Bag To Get An Average Distance & Spray Chart To Improve Upon!
    • Practice Shooting Into Raised Greens & Other Fun Mini Games!
    • Instantly See Your Shot Shape & Track Every Shot To See Instant Feedback

    TruTrack2 Technology by TruGolf

    TruTrack2 technology uses three rows of LED optical sensors to detect club path and clubface angle at the point of impact.

    The portable TruGolf Vista Series Golf Simulators available on also feature TruGolf’s patented sonic triangulation positioning technology for added data accuracy.

    This hardware is integrated into a real-feel golf mat, providing not only a clutter-free, ergonomic simulation experience, but also the most realistic practice available in a golf simulator setup.

    Because the of its ability to measure your club-to-turf interaction on a fairway-like surface, a TruGolf Vista Simulator is one of the best tools to improve the quality of your ball strike and, therefore, the quality of your game.


    TruTrack2 Technology

    What PGA Pros Have To Say About TruGolf Simulators...

    Mike Malaska (2018 Golf Digest Best PGA Teaching Pro & 2011 PGA Instructor Of The Year) was brought in to make TruGolf & E6 the Best Golf Simulation Option on the market!

    • Club Fitting
    • Bag Mapping
    • Shot Shape
    • Skills Challenges
    • Weather Conditions

    Above are just a few of the ways that everyday players & PGA Pros can use this incredible simulator option to improve their skills on a daily basis!

    Free Shipping & No Sales Tax On Any TruGolf Simulator Purchase!

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