About OptiShot


What is OpitShot2?

OptiShot2 is an award-winning golf simulator that is built for all types of golfers. With 15 world renown courses included, realistic 3D environment and the ability to play up to 4 players, OptiShot is a leader in golf simulator technology. Pick from 6 different game types, weather conditions, and multiple camera views.


OptiShot Technology

With unparalleled 16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, OptiShot is precisely tuned for tracking club swing data. Calibrate ever club in your bag, see your shot patterns, and get instantaneous feedback on every shot.


What's the advantage of OptiShot?

  1. Incredibly Accurate - OptiShot2 utilizes sixteen precisely-tuned, high-speed infrared sensors specifically calibrated to track every club in your bag and provide immediate club data on every shot.

  2. Everything You Need - With Golf In A Box you get everything you need in one fell swoop: A hitting net, a golf mat and the world’s best simulator. What more could you need?

  3. Real Courses - Out of the box, OptiShot2 comes with 15 great courses such as Torrey Black, Twisted Twig, and Palm Desert. Each course is meticulously modeled after world renowned country clubs.

  4. Compete Online - With our all-new OptiShot Season Pass you are able to gain access to all of our Mini Tour and Pro Tour courses, live tournaments, and incredible prizes. All for as little as $5/month.


How does OptiShot Work?



Lighting Information

Because OptiShot uses infrared sensors to provide key shot data and swing analysis, it should only be used indoors as the light from the sun causes inaccurate results. Below are some lighting guidelines.

  • OptiShot works best when used in a room with fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • Avoid "daylight" or "full spectrum" fluorescent bulbs.
  • Warehouse lighting such as Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide also work very well.
  • Overhead light is generally better than light from the side of the room.
  • Do not use Incandescent or halogen, and avoid daylight as even small indirect amounts will affect performance.
  • Shadows from objects such as the club shaft and that of the golfer also may affect performance.


Space Needed

Allow For Enough Room to Swing Your Longest Clubs Comfortably.

A space with at least a 10 ft x 10 ft area and with at least 8½ ft ceilings is necessary to take full swings. Of course, these measurements depend upon your height, the steepness of your swing and the length of the club you wish to swing.

We suggest you take a few gentle practice swings in the area you hope to use to be sure it is suitable. If you find the space too confined, you may still have enough room for irons. To that end, OptiShot features the ability to play all of its courses from Par 3 tee boxes.


Readable Clubs

Generally speaking simple, clean, smooth and reflective design is better at reflecting OptiShot's infrared pulses back into it's detectors than the more complex undersides of some drivers and irons on the market. Matte finish, gun metal, black, angular bevels, and cutouts do anything but reflect light cleanly down, rather, these surfaces scatter and diffuse the light and are therefore unusable with OptiShot. These kinds of clubs must be avoided.

OptiShot Clubs


Connecting the Swing Pad

 Plug In USB Cable Ends - Place Swing Pad In Suitable Location

  1. Plug one end of the 10 ft USB cable into the computer and the other end into the Swing Pad.
  2. Place the Swing Pad where you intend to hit and insure the arrow on the side of the Swing Pad points in the proper direction.
  3. Be careful of the placement of the USB cable to ensure that it does not become a tripping hazard!

 optishot 2 quick set up guide

Software Installation

If you are installing from a disk, place the DVD in the drive and follow the onscreen instructions.
If the DVD fails to start automatically, browse to the contents of the disk and run OptishotSetupRunFirst

The first thing that will appear is the Installation Guide. This will take you through several screens of important information about OptiShot. Read each page carefully before clicking Next.
Once you are through the Installation Guide, the OptiShot Setup window will appear. Follow the instructions and OptiShot will be installed on your computer.

Note: The progress bar may seem to freeze at around 80% completion.
This is because we are copying the golf course files to your computer. Be patient while these load.

Once this is complete you will be asked to click the Finish button. OptiShot is now installed on your computer and you may remove the disk from the drive.


Graphics & Video

Leave Defaults Unless Solving A Problem

Within Settings & Options is Graphics & Video where you'll be able to adjust things like resolution. For the best visual results, you should set OptiShot to run at the same resolution as your computer's monitor. To do this, select Use Desktop Resolution from the Resolution drop down menu.

If you notice slowness or jerkiness in the running of OptiShot, feel free to make changes to any of the following to find the combination that works best for your computer and graphics card.

Resolution This is the height and width in pixels of the OptiShot display.
Aspect Ratio Change to match your monitor, wide screen or standard.
Fullscreen Sets OptiShot to run in fullscreen mode (recommended) or within a window.
Landscape Quality Set to High for higher end graphics cards.
Shadow Quality Set to High for higher end graphics cards.
High Water Quality Select for higher end graphics cards.
Anti Aliasing This controls the smoothing of edges in the graphics, higher is smoother.

TVs and projectors as monitors react differently to set resolutions that the native computer monitor. If you are having difficulty getting the screen to fit, try setting your computer's resolution lower, not the OptiShot2 software's resolution.

You might also try setting the TV/projector to be the Primary display in the graphics card companion software.

Still another option is to open the graphics card companion software and adjust the scaling.


Receiving Updates

Internet Connection Required

OptiShot is designed to automatically update itself when new releases are available. These may be for the OptiShot program itself, updates for existing courses or for new courses being made available to our users.

Note: This update process requires an internet connection.
If you do not have an internet connection you will not be prompted. To receive the updates, you can either connect the machine to the Internet just for the update, or purchase a replacement disk. 

During the start up process, if updates are available, you will be presented with a window offering you the choice to Update OptiShot or Ask Later. If you choose Ask Later, OptiShot will open, the next time you run it you will again be prompted to update.

Should you choose to Update OptiShot, OptiShot will close down and our Updater window will appear. This will list exactly what is being downloaded and show you the progress. It is best to allow the updater to complete its downloads before starting OptiShot again. Once all downloads have completed you may restart OptiShot.

Should any Updates fail you may opt to click the Retry button and OptiShot will try again to download the updates. If you do not click Retry, then the next time you start OptiShot you will be prompted to download those Updates that did not succeed.


Start, Register, and Update

  1. Start OptiShot by clicking the OptiShot icon on the Desktop or by clicking Start » All Programs » Dancin' Dogg Golf » OptiShot » OptiShot.
  2. On the User Account Control warning window choose Allow.
  3. On the Product Key window enter the Product Key and click Next
    If a message window opens to inform you that the entered product key is invalid then the key was entered incorrectly. Common mistakes include entering the letter “O” instead of the number zero “0”, or the letter “S” instead of 5 or “G” instead of 6.
  4. Click the Yes, please register me now button. If the computer is not connected to the Internet you will be asked register by going to the web address below using some other computer or smart phone that is connected to the Internet.
  5. Fill out the displayed form with information as much as possible.
  6. Click the Register button.
  7. On the Registration Summary page click the Close button.
  8. Read the important message about lighting and drivers and then click the OK button.
  9. If the computer is connected to the Internet and there are updates available, you will be prompted to update. Click the Update OptiShot button. When the Updater is finished, click the Close button.


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