Best Golf Launch Monitors Of 2023

Best Golf Launch Monitors

If you keep up with the PGA Tour, chances are you've spotted the players out on the range with their launch monitors in tow. Remember, these guys are professionals and when it comes to fine tuning their game they rely on data.

Don't get us wrong, most of the pro's still surround themselves with a team of supporting staff including swing coaches, physical trainers, even psychiatrists, but as we've entered the 21st century and technology has advanced, many have incorporated the use launch monitors into their daily practice routines.

Golf launch monitors provide the necessary club and ball data one can use to make adjustments to their swing and equipment choices. Data point's such as launch angle, spin, carry distance, smash factor, ball speed, club head speed, angle of attack, and more are just some of the numbers these systems are capable of providing.

While most of the launch monitors the pro's use run anywhere from $20k and up (think Foresight or Trackman), the good news is that the market has been flooded with affordable options for professionals and recreational golfers alike.

At The Indoor Golf Shop, we’re fortunate to have access to the best launch monitors the market has to offer, and have spent hours personally reviewing and testing each unit. In the following sections we'll share what we feel are the best golf launch monitor options, the technologies they're built on, and the data each provides. We'll also take a look at how anybody can use these numbers to improve their game, complete with examples, at the bottom of this page in the buyer's guide section.

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For more information about launch monitors, i.e. different types of launch monitors and examples of how a launch monitor can be used to improve your game, be sure to check out the Buyers Guide at the bottom of the page.

Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

Best Overall Golf Launch Monitor

The Mevo Plus 2023 Edition is the newest addition to the Flightscope launch monitor family of products. Retailing at under $2200, it's become a popular option with the at home residential golfer.

The doppler based launch monitor is light & portable, functions exceedingly well both indoors and outdoors - a huge benefit to those that wish to take their launch monitor to the driving range, is compatible with various golf simulation software options, and has a built in camera that allows you to record your golf swing. 

The Mevo Plus 2023 Edition provides several upgrades to the original Mevo+. The new model provides additional performance data - 20 data points in total. Fusion Tracking is still available on the new Mevo Plus - via the Pro Package Add On - which unlocks an additional layer of accuracy and consistency previously only available on Flightscope's tour level X3 launch monitor. Flightscope also revealed a new feature called Face Impact Location which can be added on to the Pro Package for $499.

Additional upgrades include a longer battery life (3 hours), an upgraded kickstand (with 12 degree tilt built in), and a special E6 Connect license which now includes 10 courses & is compatible with both iOS and PC.

Priced at $2199, the new Flightscope Mevo Plus provides a lot of value - you will be hard pressed to find a more complete & versatile launch monitor under $2200 - and is the reason why it's made our list as one of the best golf launch monitors.

Flightscope Mevo Plus

I was looking for a launch monitor that could map data with video and could be used indoors, outdoors (small space) and the driving range. FS MevoPlus fit the bill. I already owned a SkyTrak, but it doesn't have video capabilities built in and its' less accurate outdoors. I highly recommend the FS MevoPlus if you're a data geek like me and really want to improve your game.

Robin R. Verified buyer

Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor

Tiger Woods Golf Launch Monitor

The Full Swing KIT is the new kid on the block, and it's generating a lot of buzz, primarily because it was created with/for Tiger Woods.

Tiger, a long time user of Full Swing golf simulators indoors, tasked the team to create a launch monitor he could rely on and use both on and off the course. After several years, alas the Full Swing KIT launch monitor was born.

The KIT uses a patented machine-learning enhanced doppler radar to measure 16 points of club and ball data, without the need of golf club stickers or alignment sticks. Measurements include: club path, launch angle, club head speed, smash factor, and more. Data is output directly to a first of its kind heads-up-display allowing you to see what matters instantly - and with five hours of battery life you can practice as long as it takes to get ready for your next event.

It also has one of the best launch monitor companion apps, allowing golfers to analyze, share & improve their swing. You can review your swing videos, arrange your club and ball data, dispersion charts, and more. 

For golf simulation, the Full Swing KIT is compatible with the iOS version of E6 Connect. Our units come with the E6 Connect Perpetual Gameplay license which includes five famous golf courses and multiple practice areas. For indoor use just make sure to place the Full Swing launch monitor 10 feet behind your ball & have eight feet of ball flight to your net or screen.

Recent updates have seen the roll out of normalization and big improvements to spin numbers - particularly indoors - making the KIT one of the more accurate launch monitor options on the market. At $4999 the Full Swing launch monitor offers tour level accuracy at a fraction of the price.

Accurate Launch Monitor Reviews
Full Swing Kit


Tiger Woods Verified buyer

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Best Launch Monitor For Home Use

The SkyTrak is The Indoor Golf Shop’s best selling unit, and one of our picks for the best overall launch monitor for home use.

It has received extremely positive praise and reviews (from Golf Digest and others), ever since it was was released in November of 2014, because of the void it has filled in the personal launch monitor space.

The market was already ripe with high-end systems, but what it lacked was an accurate, sub $5000 option tailored for the average recreational golfer. SkyTrak, priced at $1995, solved for that and more. Let's take a look at why.

The SkyTrak is a photometric based launch monitor that is very accurate, and captures ball data including: back spin, side spin, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, carry distance, and more. It works really well indoors, but does struggle outdoors under direct sunlight.

In terms of usability, the SkyTrak is easy to use and a fairly intuitive launch monitor. It's also compatible with golf simulation software from multiple vendors that allow for full golf course play and game improvement features.

Simply put, the folks at SkyGolf got it right with this one, and anyone would be hard-pressed to find another launch monitor with the same level of accuracy at a price of just $1995.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak monitor is pretty awesome. Way better than I expected it to be. Tons of data points and seems to be pretty accurate. If I hit a great one, it knows it. If I hit a worm burner, it knows. I’m looking forward to expanding the package and getting a sim to try out some courses.

Justin W. Verified buyer

Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor

Best Overhead Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor

The Uneekor EYE XO is a ceiling mounted launch monitor that features dimple reading technology - allowing you to use any golf ball you choose.

The dual high-speed camera system features real time club and ball data, and provides golfers with a recorded replay of the clubhead striking the ball through impact, visually showing where you struck the ball on the club.

The EYE XO also features Swing Optix, which pairs high quality videos of your swing with valuable software tools, taking the guess work out of your practice or teaching sessions. You’ll need to purchase the Swing Optix Cameras to unlock this feature.

Aside from the accuracy & amount of data it provides, another bonus is the flexibility the EYE XO provides for those that will have both righty and lefty golfers using the launch monitor. With floor based systems you are required to physically pick the unit up and move it to the other side when switching from a right-handed to left-handed player, introducing inefficiencies. The EYE XO allows you to set it and forget it.

From a simulation standpoint, users have several options to choose from including GSPRO, E6 Connect, and TGC2019

Priced at $10k, the Uneekor EYE XO provides commercial grade data & reliability, and is our choice as the best overhead launch monitor.

Uneekor EYE XO Golf Launch Monitor

Excellent! The EyeXo was a simple install and once I had the software downloads all done it’s up and running. Works flawlessly! No cameras to align or sensor calibrations, drop ball and hit! The Refine software and the practice modes are so cool, I feel like I’ve got not just a simulator but a true practice center. Thanks so much!

Mike H. Verified buyer

GC3 Launch Monitor

Best Portable Launch Monitor

As the newest addition to the storied line of GC launch monitors, the GC3 delivers everything you need to take your game to a whole new level.

Use it indoors with your own home simulator or out on the course. The GC3 Launch Monitor features three precision cameras to read club and ball data, a touch screen display to help you track your shots, and it's easily portable, making your transition from the range to the course that much smoother. 

The GC3 measures multiple ball & club metrics, including launch angle, side angle, ball speed, total carry, club head speed, smash factor, and so much more. The touch screen display shows your data right then and there, no need for an app or tablet.  

A full suite of gaming & performance simulation software is included, so you can turn your home into the ultimate golfer's paradise. 11 hyper realistic courses are Included with the GC3 Launch Monitor. Upgrade to the Player Plus to unlock 10 more virtual courses, including Pebble Beach Golf Links™. 

Foresight Sports GC3

Easy to use. Accurate when compared to real on-course distances. Recommend highly. Would buy again from the indoor Gold Shop if I had to do over.

Robert M. Verified buyer

Best Golf Launch Monitors 2022

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Golf Launch Monitor Buying Guide

What is a launch monitor and what can it be used for?

A launch monitor is an electronic device used in golf that captures ball and/or club data at point of impact. They can be used by both recreational golfers and golf professionals to make informed decisions about one's swing and/or equipment. Let's take a look at some of the more practical applications one can use a golf launch monitor for.

  • Obtain carry data

    Most launch monitors will provide ball and/or club feedback in real time - data one can use to make adjustments and improve. One of the more important data points provided is carry distance. This lets you know how far your golf ball travels in the air prior to reaching the ground. This is an important component to be aware of if you are to master distance control, and is especially useful in your wedge game.

  • Practice anytime, anywhere

    A launch monitor is a very portable device that can be setup indoors and outdoors. The ability to use it inside allows golfers to practice and play anytime, regardless of the weather or time of day. This is especially useful for those that wish to practice at night time, or those that live up north and aren't able to play golf during the fall/winter months.

  • Make equipment decisions

    Launch monitors can also help you in comparing golf equipment. From golf balls, to wedges, to drivers, a launch monitor is there to provide an unbiased assessment. It's for this reason that they're a must have for club fitters around the world. For example, maybe you are in the market for a driver and are seeking for something with a lower spin rate, and more penetrating trajectory. Sure, you could visually see your results with each option you test, but by incorporating a launch monitor into the process you are provided with concrete data that you can use to make an informed equipment decision.

  • Increase swing speeds

    Increase swing speeds or monitor the progress of any swing changes for that matter. If one of your goals is to increase your swing speed in order to increase distance, the launch monitor is a perfect tool to do that. For example, maybe you've been using the SuperSpeed Golf Training System and want to see if it is making a difference. Since launch monitors track ball speed and/or club speed you can track your before and after progress to determine if the training system is helping you with your goal.

Have More Questions? Feel Free to Reach Out!

This guide is intended to provide an overview of golf launch monitors. We realize however that it may not answer every question that you may have. If at any point you find yourself with additional questions, or are just looking for product advice, give us a call at 972-848-7491. You can also reach us via email at Our team of friendly golfers are knowledgeable and ready to help with any and all of your launch monitor questions.

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