Best Golf Simulator Packages of 2024

Best Indoor Home Golf Simulators of 2024

If you watch The Golf Channel or ESPN, it's quite likely you've caught a glimpse of a PGA Tour Professional practicing at home on their indoor golf simulator. In fact, Golf Digest recently put out an article featuring Tiger Woods home setup featuring one. If you haven't caught on, let us give you the heads up: golf simulators are "in". What's not to love about them? Golf simulators allow you to practice and play a virtual round of golf on courses 24/7, in the comfort of your home, regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

As the technology matures, the gap between virtual golf and the real thing continues to narrow. Don't get us wrong, an indoor golf simulator will never replace playing a round at your local golf club, but it goes to show how realistic the experience is becoming.

With its rise in popularity and a growing home golf market, the number of companies producing simulators has increased. More options means more competition for the manufacturers, but it's also led to a drop in cost for the Average Joe.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming deciding which one is right for you. Here at The Indoor Golf Shop our goal is to educate our customers on their options. This guide aims to provide a detailed overview of the best golf simulators available in 2024.

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For more general information about golf simulators, i.e. different types, performance factors (such as accuracy) & what they allow you to do, be sure to check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Best Overall Golf Simulator

We've selected our top 3 overall golf simulator setups based on features, price point, and overall ease of use.

SkyTrak+ SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak+ SIG10 Package is our most popular golf simulator package, delivering an accurate and realistic experience, and our selection for best overall indoor golf simulator.

Why this package is our #1 overall:

  • The SIG10 Golf Simulator Package fits in most spaces.
  • SkyTrak+ Golf Launch Monitor can be used indoors & outdoors, tracks club & ball data, and has an updated shot optimizer. 
  • Play & Improve Software Included for 1 Year,  unlocking access to 15 E6 courses (iOS or PC), 15 WGT Courses (iOS only).
  • SIGPRO Premium Impact Screen outscored industry leader in head to head testing by MyGolfSpy. 
 Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 Package

Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 Package

The Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 pairs the ceiling mounted Uneekor EYE XO with our largest golf simulator enclosure.

Why this package is #2 overall:

  • Ceiling Mounted Unit - Easily reads Left & Right Handed Golfers.

  • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure - Our largest golf simulator enclosure, built for the most premium golf simulator experience.

SkyTrak SIG10 Package

SkyTrak SIG10 Package

The SkyTrak SIG10 is one of the best selling golf simulators at The Indoor Golf Shop. 

Why this package is #3 overall:

  • 4.8 Stars Overall -  This golf simulator package is one of our top rated packages!

  • Affordable Price Point - The SkyTrak SIG10 is one of our affordable golf simulator packages, staying under $10,000. 

Best Affordable Golf Simulators

The cost of a golf simulator can range from a a few thousand dollars to over $10,000. We've put together our picks for the most affordable packages.

Garmin Approach R10 Training Package

Best Under $2,500

The Garmin Approach R10 Training Package is one of the top rated golf simulators at a lower price point. The R10 is a doppler unit that sits behind the golfer. Easily run software and record shots from your mobile device or iPad!

Our Most Affordable Golf Simulator Package:

  • Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor tracks club & ball data indoors and outdoors.
  • Unlock over 45,000 Virtual Courses with the Garmin Golf Membership ($9.99 a month) 
  • Featuring the SIGPRO Golf Net & Your Choice of SIGPRO Golf Mat. 
Best Under $6,000 : MEVO+ Bronze Package

Best Under $6,000 : MEVO+ Bronze Package

The MEVO+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package is our pick for the best golf simulator package under $6,000. The bronze package is perfect for a golfer looking for something in between a golf net and a full enclosure.

Why this is our #2 in Affordable Golf Simulators: 

  • FlightScope MEVO+ includes 10 E6 virtual courses and 17 practice ranges
  • The Bronze Golf Simulator Package adds an impact screen, projector shield, and short throw projector. 
Best under $10,000 : SkyTrak Flex Space Package

Best under $10,000 : SkyTrak Flex Space Package

The SkyTrak Flex Space Package features a retractable screen setup. Affordable & perfect for a golfer looking to transform their space at the click of a button. This package is the best affordable under $10,000. 

Why this is our #3 in Affordable Golf Simulators: 

  • Skytrak launch monitor tracks ball data & includes 1 year of Play & Improve Software.
  • The G-TRAK Retractable Screen easily transforms any space into a golf simulator. 

Best Golf Simulators For Game Improvement

Golf simulators can be a huge help in improving your golf game. We've selected our top golf simulators for game improvement by looking at data tracking, indoor/outdoor function, and data accuracy.

GC3 Bronze Golf Simulator Package

The GC3 Bronze is our pick for the best Game Improvement Golf Simulator. Not only is it at an attractive price point. The Bronze package can go from a training net to a full on golf simulator with the screen and attachment bar. Warm up on the range, dial in your numbers, then go straight into course play for accurate tracking & training.

Game Improvement Features :

  • GC3 Golf Launch Monitor can easily be transported from your home simulator to the range at your local course.
  • The GC3 is a photometric launch monitor that tracks both club & ball data. 
  • Transflective LCD Touch Screen shows your data right on the unit. 
  • The Bronze Package adds instant feedback on your data tracking with the impact screen & short throw projector. 
 Launch Pro Training Package

Launch Pro Training Package

The Bushnell Launch Pro is one of the best launch monitors out of the box. We've paired it with our SIGPRO Golf Net & Your choice of golf mat to create the perfect game improvement experience.

Why this is our #2 Game Improvement: 

  • Bushnell Basic Subscription Free for 1 year with access to Club & Ball data
  • Budget Friendly Option 
  • Launch Pro works Indoors & Outdoors
Full Swing KIT Bronze Package

Full Swing KIT Bronze Package

Trusted by Tiger Wood's, the Full Swing KIT is one of the best launch monitors for improving your game. The Full Swing KIT Bronze Package gives you the ability to train indoors with the screen & projector or outdoors with the SIGPRO Golf Net. 

Why this is our #3 Game Improvement:

  • Full Swing KIT Works Indoors & Outdoors
  • Tracks Club & Ball Data
  • Radar Based Unit that sits behind the ball

Best Golf Simulators For Small Spaces

Want to set up a golf simulator in your space but not sure if you have enough room? We've but together our top picks for simulator setups that fit in smaller rooms or multipurpose rooms.

SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak SIG8 is one of our more compact golf simulator packages. The SIG8 Enclosure is only 8ft tall and 8ft wide, fitting into most smaller rooms. Paired with the SkyTrak Launch monitor that sits next to the ball, saving you space vs a doppler based unit.

Why it's our #1 pick for Small Spaces: 

  • SIG8 Enclosure fits in most rooms 
  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor sits next to hitting area reducing overall footprint
  • 4.7 Stars Overall. This package is one of our top rated golf simulator packages
 SkyTrak+ Flex Space Package

SkyTrak+ Flex Space Package

The SkyTrak+ Flex Space Package is the perfect package for multipurpose rooms. Easily swap between a golf simulator space to a normal room with the G-TRAK Retractable Screen.

Why it's our #2 for Small Spaces: 

  • The SkyTrak+ Flex Space is our #1 pick for best garage golf simulator
  • Retractable Screen helps to transform a room into a golf simulator space or transform back into a multipurpose room.
GCQuad Training Package

GCQuad Training Package

The GCQuad is the staple of golf simulator accuracy, it only makes sense to have an easy to setup space for you to dial in your numbers, indoors or outdoors. 

Why it's our #3 for Small Spaces: 

  • GCQuad sits next to golf ball reducing overall footprint
  • SIGPRO Golf Net easily sets up in most spaces, indoors or outdoors
  • Full Suite of Golf Simulation Software Included 

Best Golf Simulators for group play

Looking to entertain your friends & family? We've selected the best golf simulators for group play.

EYE XO2 SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The Uneekor EYE XO2 SIG10 Package is one of our newest packages of 2024. The EYE XO2 builds on the original EYE XO by expanding the hitting zone & adding a third infrared camera.

Why it's our #1 for Group Play:

  • Uneekor EYE XO2's expanded hitting zone (28" W x 21"L) 
  • Refine Software allows for up to 6 players
  • Integrates with 3rd party software
TruGolf APOGEE SIG12 Package

TruGolf APOGEE SIG12 Package

The APOGEE SIG12 Package is one of our largest golf simulator packages! Featuring the newest release from TruGolf, the APOGEE is a ceiling mounted launch monitor that reads club and ball data with no delay from swing to screen. 

Why it's our #2 for Group Play:

  • Ceiling mounted unit reading lefties & righties with ease
  • "Hey APOGEE Voice Commands" 
  • E6 Connect included featuring 90+ world class courses & up to 6 players
Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10 Package

Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10 Package

The Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10 is one of the most accurate launch monitors on the market, and the software included looks fantastic on the SIGPRO Premium Impact Screen. 

Why it's our #3 for Group Play:

  • Full Suite of Golf Simulation Software
  • Up to 8 players

Best Commercial Golf Simulators

Looking to open up a commercial facility? We've selected our top commercial golf simulators. Perfect to get your business up and running with minimal maintenance & great software for your customers & members.

Foresight Falcon SIG12 Golf Simulator

Commercial facilities need to have a unit that is accurate & reliable which is why the new Foresight Falcon SIG12 is the perfect choice for your commercial facility! 

Why it's our #1 for Commercial Facilities:

  • The Foresight Falcon is ceiling mounted, reading left and right handed golfers as well as being out of range for arid golf balls or clubs.
  • 59" x 28" Hitting Zone
  • Full suite of Foresight Sports simulation software & integrates with 3rd party software.
  • SIG12 Enclosure is our largest golf simulator enclosure, perfect for a large commercial space.
Trackman IO SIG12 Golf Simulator Package

Trackman IO SIG12 Golf Simulator Package

The Trackman IO SIG12 is a close second for our best commercial golf simulators. The Trackman IO is an indoor optimized ceiling mounted launch monitor perfect for commercial facilities.

Why it's our #2 for Commercial Facilities:

  • Combines radar, infrared, and high speed imaging to accurately track ball & club data.
  • Trackman Software includes 50+ simulated courses  
Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package is pur third choice for our Best Commercial Golf Simulator Package. The EYE XO mounts in front of the golfer and does not require marked balls.

Why it's our #3 for Commercial Facilities:

  • EYE XO is ceiling mounted in front of golfer.
  • Integrates with 3rd party softwares for group play.
  • SIG10 Enclosure is perfect for multiple bays in a commercial space.

Honorable Mentions

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