The Guide to Golf Nets

golf nets guide

If you are practicing your golf game at home, getting the right net is very important. We have several options for you at Shop Indoor Golf, and in this guide, we will let you know which products make sense based on your needs.

Some Important Considerations

A few things to consider when purchasing a golf net include:

  • Do you want a permanent setup or something you can assemble and take down quickly?
  • How much space do you have available?
  • Budget Concerns: How much money are you willing to invest - understanding the quality and experience you will get at various price points.
  • Are you using the net with a simulator or just practice?
  • Will you be using your net indoors or outdoors?

We'll try to answer these questions in the guide for the various options we have available in our store.

The Best Option - The Net Return

If you want the best product then look no further than The Net Return. They have clearly established themselves as the leader in the golf net market. Their products are all bestsellers on our site and have extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Their combination of materials, design, and ease of use make it a truly unique product. You can watch this video to see why:

While you will pay a little more, the benefits are:

  • They are much easier to assemble, take apart and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Their netting is far more durable (most models carry a 250,000 shot guarantee)
  • The design offers the best practicing experience - your ball is easily returned to you after every swing

We'll go over two of their more popular models, the Pro Series and the Mini Pro Series.

The Net Return Pro Series

net return pro series

This is their flagship model - it measures roughly 8 feet wide and 7 feet 6 inches high, which makes it a viable option for an indoor space. 

You can see the dimensions required in your room in the following image:

the net return

The Pro Series net can withstand ball speeds of 225 MPH and they guarantee it can handle 250,000 shots. Their colored-assembly system also makes this easy to install and take down.

The net costs $595 on its own, which also makes it a great value for the quality you are getting. If you are practicing indoors, you might want to check out the Pro Golf Package, which includes side barriers and roll-up turf.

Overall, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better practice net for golf practice.

Mini Pro Series

mini pro series

For golfers who have less space inside their house for a net, the Mini Pro Series is a great option. Measuring only 5 feet wide by 6 feet high, it can turn a smaller corner of your house into a nice little practice area.

Compared to the Pro Series, it limits the amount of space necessary, which you can see in this diagram:

golf net guide

At $495, this is also another great value from The Net Return as you can be confident the net will last for years. 

We also sell a combination package for this model that will provide hitting turf and side barriers for those errant shots!

Budget Options (Below $300)

If your budget is below $300 we have some good options for your from a company called Cimarron. They offer a great value, and we will discuss what are reasonable expectations for their products.

Master Golf Net

indoor golf net

The Master Golf Net and Frame from Cimarron is a great option for many golfers. At $259, it's reasonably inexpensive for its size and quality.

The net measures 7 feet height and roughly 11 feet wide, which is important to note if you have limited space. The frame is made from 1 1/2" steel, which will provide plenty of support and stability. Additionally, it will return the ball back to your hitting position with relative ease.

This net is probably best used as a permanent structure, as it requires a decent amount of assembly. Also, its size probably makes it best suited for an outdoor application unless you have a large enough space inside of your house.

Overall, this is a great option for golfers who are on a limited budget but still want to get a quality hitting experience that will last.

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A Note About Extreme Budget Nets

There are a number of golf nets available for people with extreme budgets. While it might be enticing to purchase a net that costs $50 - $100, typically you get what you pay for in that category.

We have tried several products in that price range and found the following:

  • They are very difficult to assemble and take apart
  • The hitting experience is poor - your ball will not be returned easily, which can get tiresome 
  • The materials used are inferior. Holes will develop rather quickly in spots that are getting the most use

So while it might be enticing to save a few bucks on a budget net, be aware that you will get what you pay for! We have chosen to stock nets that we know perform well, which is why you will not see those options in our net store.

Wrapping It Up

Getting the right practice net for your home is an important decision. At Shop Indoor Golf, we make sure to stock quality products that we know will provide you with a better experience.

You can check out our full selection of golf nets on this page.

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