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Product was easy to set up and sooooooo much fun!!! I've read reviews that sat its complicated to set up.... I put a florescent bulb in a ceiling light fixture, opti under it and set up was done. Exceeds all expectations. The best thing I ever bought.


Five Stars

I love the this! golf indoors when the weather is bad and its pretty fun!


Will it help your game? Maybe. Will you have fun? Definitely.

My friends and I have a golf outing in my garage every week thanks to the optishot 2. For friendly competition we don't use balls, but for driving practice I use the Rukket net. I am fortunate to have a second floor so I cut the optishot into the floor and put a $5 price of white Masonite on the wall to project on. Love it! Update, I learned that if you're swinging without a ball, make sure you set it on no ball. It makes a big difference in your distances. I went from 220 yard drives max to as high as 350 yards. My other clubs improved. It was set on foam ball and when I started using a ball, it also improved my distances. Make sure you are using the right setting.


Buy it now!!

I'm not gonna join the tour from this, but I feel it's doing what can be expected AND it's fun. After literally 1 day, it had me back to hitting great shots and whippin my buddies. My index is around 14. I typically hit a baby draw, but my shot lately was starting straight to slightly right and then slicing away. I felt I was still in-out swing path, but with open face (face being MY prob). Optishot says I was straight path and closed face. I was in disbelief at first, but went with it anyways and spent the first night grooving my preferred in-out path. The next day I hit the range and boom! Baby draw. I've only been playing a few years, so I guess I still don't understand path and face results like I thought I did. However, I do know I spend more time researching and reading about it than any of my friends. So if I didn't understand it, I know most others don't/won't either. I had spent countless hours this year on the range working the wrong issue. And it took a few shots on Optishot to clue me in. Wish I would've bought it this Spring! But come next season, I'm confident I'll be striping it day 1!


Fun to Play With

Fun to play with. If you are a serious golfer, not very realistic, especially the putting. If you want to work on your swing, or have the kids play around with a game. Then its perfect.

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