«A Golf Simulator Superstore» - MyGolfSpy

«A Golf Simulator Superstore» - MyGolfSpy


The good folks at MyGolfSpy recently featured The Indoor Golf Shop in a story titled: "A Home Golf Simulator Super Store: The Indoor Golf Shop" If you know anything about MyGolfSpy it's that they have a keen sense of finding the truth, along with finding and exposing nonsense. They can be very critical of golf companies, based primarily on "marketing claims" and, thankfully and not surprisingly, they didn't uncover any such nonsense while researching our business.

The Indoor Golf Shop lobby

From MyGolfSpy:

"When the weather outside is frightful, there’s only one thing that can make the fire even more delightful: a home golf simulator.

I’m almost certain that’s what most of you were thinking.

Nearly every red-blooded golfer has at one time or another eyeballed his or her garage, family room or basement and thought, “I bet I could fit a golf simulator in here.”

Three key challenges most likely held you back:

What you’d need, how to do it and, of course, the money.

That third one is between you and the House Ways and Means Committee. But the other two? That’s where companies such as the Indoor Golf Shop can help."

You can read more from MyGolfSpy here

The Indoor Golf Shop office