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Welcome to Shop Indoor Golf, home to the largest selection of residential and indoor golf equipment online.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best indoor golf entertainment at the best prices guaranteed.  Be the envy of your buddies with golf simulators, launch monitors, indoor putting greens, golf nets and other home golf equipment.  Our products are great for for honing your skills and having a good time especially when the weather isn't cooperating. It’s like having your very own golf course in the comfort of your home! 

Shop Indoor Golf is based in Austin, Texas and we ship to the lower 48 states. Now we know what some of you might be thinking....it doesn't even get cold in Texas. Well, even though our winters are much milder than the northern part of the country, they can still be pretty rough and aren't really "golf friendly". That's really how Shop Indoor Golf came about. Like many golfers, we've always had the itch to play golf year round. So we decided to buy a golf simulator that we could use indoors during the winter months. To our amazement, there weren't any stores dedicated to offering indoor golf equipment and entertainment. So we saw the opportunity and voila, Shop Indoor Golf was born.


home golf simulator and other golf equipment shown in the comfort of your home

At Shop Indoor Golf we think of our customers first!  We pride ourselves on focusing on what our customers want and need.


Quality Products --- At Shop Indoor Golf, we selectively pick each and every manufacturer to ensure our customers receive the most durable high quality products. As active golfers, we only offer products that we have tried ourselves and that have received the highest accolades in the industry.  

Customer Service --- We provide top of the line customer service by live chat, phone or email.

Lowest prices --- We negotiate the best prices with our manufacturers to bring you the lowest cost golf gear you will find anywhere.  We are so confident in our prices that we provide a low price guarantee to all our customers. See Details

Free Shipping --- Like many of our customers we don't really care much for paying for shipping. So we provide free shipping on all orders over $99 for all our products to the lower 48 states.


If you have any questions about any of our products feel free to call us at 1 (866) 723-0311.


For Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to start an indoor golf center or driving range, we provide all the information necessary to get started.  

Golf Simulators and Indoor Golf Equipment Brought To You By Shop Indoor Golf

If you are already an owner of an indoor golf center or driving range, give us a call at 1 (866) 723-0311 to inquire about exclusive discounts for our business partners. On top of offering the best products from various golf equipment manufacturers, we also offer FREE SHIPPING on our products which can save you hundreds of dollars.