Golf Simulator Enclosure Types

DIY Enclosures

DIY Enclosures

From $1,399.99
  • Multiple Sizing Options
  • Premium Golf Impact Screen & Surround
  • Canopy Fitting Connectors Included
  • Requires Hands on Assembly & Install
  • 1' EMT Pipe NOT Included (available at your local hardware store)
 SIG Standard Enclosures

SIG Standard Enclosures

From $3,099.99
  • SIG8, SIG10, SIG12 Sizes
  • Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen & Surround
  • Easy Assembly Push Pin Pipe & Connectors
  • Designed For Residential Uses
  • Included in launch monitor packages
 SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures

SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures

From $4,399.99
  • Multiple Sizes & Depths
  • Heavy duty Frame (2" EMT Pipe) Included
  • Premium Golf Simulator Screen & Surround
  • Designed for Commercial Uses
  • Can support the weight of a ceiling mounted launch monitor & projector.

Custom Enclosures

We are committed to elevating your indoor golf experience, offering custom enclosures, screens, flooring, and accessories.

Looking to customize a enclosure to fit your indoor golf simulator needs? Fill out our Custom Product Request Form!

Golf Simulator Room Builder

Our new home golf simulator room builder makes it easy for you to create, customize, and purchase a golf simulator package that is perfect for your space!