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If you are serious about building a home golf setup, getting the right golf mat is an important piece of the puzzle. There are varying levels of quality out there, and they can greatly affect your practice experience. The main issue golfers will encounter with practice mats is different levels of durability and performance. As you would expect, the less-expensive models will not simulate golf course conditions that well, and due to the inferior nature of the turf they won't last as long either. Additionally, many golfers will experience joint pain (commonly referred to as Turf Shock) from repeatedly hitting off harder surfaces because there is no "give" like real grass. So while you can buy a hitting surface for less than $100, many golfers quickly realize that they did get what they paid for (which wasn't much). At Shop Indoor Golf, we make sure to stock the best brands in the industry. If you're looking to get a golf mat that will last longer and perform like real turf, then it is worth investing more. In the following sections we'll share what we feel are the best golf mat options, taking a look at the top brands and the pros/cons for each.

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For more information about launch monitors, i.e. different types of launch monitors and examples of how a launch monitor can be used to improve your game, be sure to check out the Buyers Guide at the bottom of the page.

Best Golf Mat Overall

SIGPRO Softy 4' x 10' Golf Mat

After hearing from our customers and trying all the golf mats the industry has to offer, we discovered that there was room for major improvement. Through many long hours of brainstorming and rigorous testing we developed the perfect mats for the everyday golfer.

The SIGPRO Golf Mats have all the features you look for in a golf mat; they take a real tee, they are not too grabby, not too firm, comfortable to hit off of, and they look great.

The SIGPRO Golf Mats are the embodiment of what we as golfers wanted out of a golf mat. It's portable because it's light, weighing in a 31lbs this mat uses durable soft foam to create a comfortable hitting surface that truly does feel like the golf course. Plus, at 4' x 10' this mat works great for both right and left handed golfers. The SIGPRO checks all the boxes.

SIGPRO 4' x 10' Golf Mat

Fantastic Golf Mat- Easily one of the best mats on the market. With this being a new mat I was skeptical. But I thoroughly enjoy playing golf with this mat."

Brian B. Verified buyer

Best Indoor Golf Mat

SIGPRO Softy 4' x 7' Golf Mat

The SIGPRO Softy 4' x 7' is perfect for an indoor golf simulator setup. One of our best selling golf mats, the 4' x 7' takes everything our customers love about the SIGPRO 4' x 10' and condenses it into a smaller mat, perfect for an indoor space. 

Featuring the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip insert, the 4' x 7' has one of the best hitting surfaces on the market. Designed with the golfer in mind, the Softy features 3 compression slots to help take the impact of a golf swing. Not to mention it can take a real tee. 

Unlike other golf mats the SIGPRO Softy 4' x 7' is lightweight and easy to move. Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated room for their indoor golf simulator so having the ability to easily move and store is a great feature of the 4' x 7' golf mat. 

SIGPRO Softy 4' x 7' Golf Mat

This is an excellent hitting mat with the specific insert that really duplicates what it’s like to hit off soft ground. I would definitely purchase this again. It’s a very high-quality.

Gregory S. Verified buyer

Best Outdoor Golf Mat

TrueStrike Single Golf Practice Mat

When looking for an outdoor golf mat, you definitely want something that can withstand the elements. The TrueStrike Single Golf Mat is designed for both outdoor and indoor use and is a favorite among many driving range and golf practice facilities. This, along with the unique gel-filled hitting surface, is the reason we voted it the best outdoor golf mat. Let's start with the specs. This TrueStrike golf mat measures 52"L x 77"W and weighs approximately 110 lbs.

Similar to the Fiberbuilt models, it has a modular construction that consists of six pieces: 1 edge trim, 1 ball tray, 3 range mat sections, and 1 gel section. The gel section is unique to TrueStrike golf mats. It's designed to allow golfers to strike down and through the ball at impact, simulating taking a divot and recreating a natural fairway feel. We really enjoy the responsive feel this golf mat provides. It is a must have when practicing at home for game improvement purposes. You'll know when you flushed a shot, and on the flip side you'll know when you chunked one. The gel-filled subsurface also allows for safer hitting as it absorbs the strike, which is critical to preventing injuries and turf shock. Priced at $928, it's one of our more premium golf mat options, and comparable alternative to the Fiberbuilt 4' x 7' mat we described earlier in the guide.

TrueStrike Mat

Excellent, easy to set up, stable base and enjoy hitting off the turf.

Alex S. Verified buyer

Best Commercial Golf Mat

SIGPRO 3D 5' x 5' Golf Mat

The SIGPRO 3D 5'x5' Mat features the best of both worlds as a driving range mat. It’s extremely durable and can withstand swing after swing, plus it’s also incredibly comfortable by absorbing club impacts with realistic feel.

The SIGPRO 3D Golf Mat is constructed for high-volume commercial use, like a driving range. But, unlike most range mats that have poor feel and are abrasive at impact, the 3D mat is for long term use and maintains a high-performance, forgiving feel. This mat also includes 4 tee insert locations and measures 5 feet by 5 feet.

SIGPRO 3D 5' x 5' Golf Mat

This mat is working well for what I bought it for.

Shane D. Verified buyer

Best Golf Mat Under $600

Fairway Series Golf Mat

The Fairway Series 5' x 5' Golf Mat is a fantastic choice for under $600. The 5' x 5' has top-of-the-line quality without a top-of-the-line price tag. Golf mats at this price point have always been hard on the body and uncomfortable over long periods of use. The Fairway Series 5' x 5' is a solution to that issue.

The SIG proprietary tee line turf blend covers the entire mat, giving you ultimate flexibility on where you'd like to hit from. The entire surface of this mat takes real wooden tees as well, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to launch some balls with their driver.

The Fairway Series 5' x 5' pairs perfectly with almost any simulator or practice setup. Whether you're playing in a simulator or not, The Fairway Series 5' x 5' is a solid choice for under $600.

Fairway Series 5'x5' Golf Mat

Mat seems very sturdy with very realistic feel hitting down and through the ball. Easily tee the ball up for driver practice too.

Bill R. Verified buyer

Best Golf Putting Mat

SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

Looking for an all in one hitting surface and putting mat? The SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring features an integrated hitting strip and 4 putting cups to be the perfect option for golfers wanting to improve all aspects of their game. 

With 4 different putting locations you have the ability to work on short distance puts or puts that stretch the full length of the flooring surface. Of course, you won't always be putting on a flat surface, that's why we recommend using a  foam undulation kit to create different breaks & putting surfaces. The foam undulation fits perfectly under the turf of the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring. 

The integrated hitting strip means you can have a full golf simulator setup on top of the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring. Play full rounds of golf on the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring, from teeing off to putting, this is the perfect option for golfers looking for an all in one hitting & putting option.  

SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

Great putting floor. We got the SIG pro 12 floor and love it. Our daughter spends a lot of time just putting and working on her distance control. I would definitely recommend this product.

Scott S. Verified buyer

Best Golf Practice Mats 2022 - Complete List

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Golf Mat Buying Guide

Shopping for a golf mat can be pretty daunting when there are so many options available. Here is a list of features and specs to look for when purchasing a golf mat.

  • Hitting Surface

    The Hitting Surface of a golf mat is one of the most important aspects to look at when you are in the market for a golf mat. Your hitting surface is something that will absorb the impact of a club (if you hit a chunky shot) without causing seriosue injury to you or your club.

  • Indoor / Outdoor Option

    Depending on where you want to set up your golf mat, you'll need to know if the golf mat works in that area. Some mats are indoor only and others have the ability to be setup indoors or outdoors.

  • Durability

    Just like any purchase, you want something that is going to last you. The same goes for golf mats. You are going to be using your golf mat frequently so you are going to want a mat that can take a lot of golf shots and hold up while doing so.

  • Stance Area

    This is almost as important as your hitting surface when looking at a golf mat. The area that the golfer is standing needs to be firm enough for a full swing to be taken. Some golf mats have more "squishy" stance areas while others are firm and fairway-like.

  • Weight & Size

    Golf mats can normally fit into most spaces. That being said you'll want to measure out your space and be 100% positive it will fit in the space of your choosing. Golf Mats that are heavier tend to be more durable but harder to move. Lighter golf mats are easy to move but may not have the durability of the heavier mat.

  • Tee Placement

    Along with the hitting surface, some golf mats have a specified area for you to tee up. Some golf mat hitting areas have the ability to take a real tee while others have slots for an adjustable tee to be inserted, and some do not have the option for either, which means you'll need to find an alternative tee system (Bir-Tee, Tee Claw).

  • Portability

    For golfers who don't have a dedicated space for their golf practice area or simulator setup, you'll want to look at golf mats that are easy to move or "roll up". Golf mats that take some time to assemble may not be the best for a flex space area.

  • Price

    You get what you pay for. When it comes to golf mats quality is super important. Golf Mats can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Higher priced golf mats normally have better quality than some lower priced golf mats.

Best in the business

The Indoor Golf Shop - SIGPRO

We are excited to say that we have finally have our our own lineup of Golf Mats for all uses. We have spent many hours putting all of our brains together to create what we believe to be the best golf mats on the market. In our warehouse we spend hours hitting golf balls everyday, all of that time and research has culminated in the creation of the SIGPRO Mat Lineup.Our 4' x 10' Mat is the perfect mat for everyone, right handed or left handed this mat will deliver the same feel and performance. Next, our 4' x 7' Mat is great for those with only right handed players, or those with limited space to work with. Finally, our 5' x 5' Fairway Series mat is perfect for those looking for flexibility, covered completely with Tee Line Turf, this mat really lets you play from anywhere.



Fiberbuilt has a proprietary blend of plastic fibers that try to simulate real grass on the course. Whereas most mats have a harder hitting surface, you can see in this video from their site that the club can glide through their surface quite easily. Situated in the middle portion of the mat, the performance turf also allows golfers to place a regular tee on it. The surface serves two purposes - to reduce the strain on your joints to prevent injury, and to offer realistic feedback on your golf swing. With many other surfaces out there, you won't get a true representation of how well (or poorly) your contact would have been on a real golf course. For golfers who are looking to practice more effectively, this is extremely important. Fiberbuilt also guarantees that the surface can withstand 300,000 swings before showing any wear.

One thing to note is that the ball will stand a little more upright on their hitting surface than other mats. Additionally, the club can glide underneath the surface much deeper than other mats. Certain golfers might prefer a firmer hitting surface that a model like TrueStrike would offer. Each mat requires assembly with a rubber base. It provides a solid, but soft surface beneath the turf to stand on. This is another benefit that you get from a premium golf mat that you wouldn't expect from budget models. Overall, Fiberbuilt mats have been one of the bestselling products on our site. They are extremely durable, comfortable to stand on and provide one of the most realistic experiences on synthetic turf.

You can view of all of their models on this page and be sure to check out the fiberbuilt buyers guide


Our other preferred premium mat comes from TrueStrike. Similar to Fiberbuilt, this is a commercial-grade mat that will give you a much better experience while you practice. However, there are some key differences to note between the two brands - mainly on the hitting surface. TrueStrike uses a silicon gel underneath their turf in order to simulate striking the ball on real turf. You can see a visual representation of how their system works in the images to the right:

truestrike truestrike mat truestrike hitting mat

The reason they use the gel is to minimize the amount of vibration and shock sent back up to the club, which will help prevent joint injuries over the long term. More importantly, the silicon has much more "give" as your club makes contact with the surface, which allows it to dig into the surface similar to how your club would on the golf course. They claim that the surface can withstand 55,000 golf shots before it needs to be replaced (you don't have to replace the entire mat). The surface will look like most traditional range mats, and the ball won't sit up as much as the Fiberbuilt turf. Additionally, the club won't glide as much underneath the ball compared with the Fiberbuilt. It's not to say one surface is better than the other, it's just a matter of preference between players. The TrueStrike mat uses a rubber base, similar to that of Fiberbuilt's.

You can view all of our TrueStrike models on this page.

Wrapping it Up

Getting the right golf mat for your indoor space is a crucial piece of the puzzle. If you want performance and durability it makes sense to invest in a higher-grade solution. Many times golfers will purchase inexpensive mats only to find themselves disappointed (and then eventually buy a higher-quality product).

To view all of our golf mat options you can visit this page.

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