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Approach R10 from Garmin

The Garmin Approach® R10 on of the newest launch monitors on the market! The Approach R10 can be used indoors and outdoors to help golfers improve their performance. At just 3.5"W x 2.8"H the Approach R10 is easily moved from your home to the driving range, and provides you with complete swing and ball flight metrics.

The Garmin R10 tracks over 12  metrics including carry distance, ball and club speed, spin rate, smash factor, vertical launch angle, apex height, and flight time and more.

The R10 is available for $599.99 making it one of the most affordable launch monitors on the market!

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

Approach R10


The Approach R10 is a lightweight, doppler based launch monitor with the ability to track over a dozen golf metrics. The Approach R10 includes automatic video recording via the Garmin golf mobile application. Record, clip, and save your videos to help you improve your golf game.

What's Included:

  • Approach R10 Unit
  • Tripod Stand 
  • Phone Mount 
  • Carry Case
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Garmin Golf Membership Trial


  • Tracks Over A Dozen Metrics
  • 42,000+ Virtual Courses (with subscription)
  • Multiple Software Compatibility 
  • Lightweight & Portable 
  • Up to 10 Hours of Continuous Use

Garmin Approach R10 Golf Simulator Packages
Under $8,000

Approach R10 SIG12 Golf Simulator

Approach R10 SIG12 Golf Simulator

From $6,654.99

The SIG12 is our largest and most premium Approach R10 golf simulator package.

  • 12' Wide Screen
  • Image Fills in 100% of Screen
Approach R10 SIG10 Golf Simulator

Approach R10 SIG10 Golf Simulator

From $6,454.99

The SIG10 is our most popular Approach R10 package, and only requires 9' ceilings.

  • 10' Wide Screen - MOST POPULAR
  • Image Fills in 100% of Screen
Approach R10 SIG8 Golf Simulator

Approach R10 SIG8 Golf Simulator

From $5,954.99

With a width of 8', the SIG8 package is ideal for those with a smaller room.

  • 8' Wide Screen
  • Image Does Not Fill in 100% of Screen

What’s in the Box

Our premium Approach R10 golf simulators are all-inclusive packages. Each one of these packages includes:

  • Approach R10 Launch Monitor
  • Golf Hitting Mat
  • Carry Case
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Simulation Software
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Enclosure & Screen
  • 50'L HDMI Cable & Cable Adapter
  • Panasonic Projector
  • Landing Pad Turf

Garmin Approach R10 Budget Options
Under $5,000

Approach R10 Garage Golf Package


This Approach R10 golf simulator for garage package is designed for those that do not have a dedicated space for their simulator setup. The Garage Golf package features a retractable screen that can be put down while in use, and retracted back up when not in use - restoring the room to it's original form, critical for any garage.
Approach R10 Bronze Golf Simulator

Approach R10 Bronze Golf Simulator

From $4,404.99

The Approach R10 Bronze package is a great option for those on a budget that still want to experience full simulation with results displayed on a screen.

Approach R10 Training Golf Simulator

Approach R10 Training Golf Simulator

From $2,454.99

The Approach R10 Training package is perfect for those that don't need all the bells and whistles. It includes the R10, golf mat, and golf net with side barrier netting.

Garmin Simulation Software

TGC 2019 Software

Approach R10 Software Options

The Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor allows multiple options for simulation. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one software package or just want a practice range to zero in your numbers, the Approach R10 has got you covered.

Software Compatibility

  • Garmin Golf Membership (Via Garmin Golf App): With a Garmin Golf membership, you and your friends can play your home course or even a course you’re going to play on your next trip with Home Tee Hero golf simulator2 for more than 42,000 worldwide courses. 
    • $9.99 Monthly
    • $99.99 Annually 
  • E6 Connect Software: With the E6 Connect Software, you gain access to photorealistic golf simulation with a basic or expanded subscriptions
  • Awesome Golf Subscription: The Approach R10 pairs seamlessly with the awesome golf software, play and compete with friends and family!
  • TGC 2019: The Garmin Approach R10 is now compatible with one of the best simulation options on the market, The Golf Club 2019. Play 150,000+ predesigned courses, or create your own with TGC 2019.