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Golf SImulator Equipment, Built to Order

At The Indoor Golf Shop, we're committed to elevating your indoor golf experience with our bespoke golf simulators, meticulously designed to offer an unmatched blend of realism and customization. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated commercial enclosure for your business or a personalized DIY setup for your home, our extensive product range—including state-of-the-art screens, precision-crafted flooring, and essential accessories like safety-enhancing wall padding—ensures every detail is tailored to meet your specific desires. By choosing us, you're not just getting a golf simulator; you're investing in a fully customizable solution that transforms your passion for golf into an immersive, rewarding experience tailored perfectly to your space and style.

Our Custom-Made Products

Dive into the world of unmatched inhome golf with The Indoor Golf Shop's ability to custom build some of the most important pieces of your golf simulator setup. All are designed to bring the fun, authentic feel of the course right into your house.

Whether you're looking to create a high-end commercial simulator enclosure, or crafting a personal golfing retreat at home with a custom size impact screen, our designers have the experience, ability, and technology to bring your dream to life. Our custom golf simulator products caters to every aspect of your indoor golf game. From robust commercial enclosures tailored to fit your space, to DIY kits that let you take control over your build to save some money on installation. Many of our products can be custom tailored by our designers to enhance your play, safety, and entertainment. Explore our services to find the perfect components for your dream home golf simulator setup.

Custom Enclosures & Screens

Commercial Enclosures

Commercial Enclosures

Our commercial enclosures for golf simulators are designed with the discerning business owner in mind, offering a range of customization options, sizes, and features that seamlessly integrate into commercial setups. Perfect for golf clubs, entertainment venues, and retail spaces.

Custom Size DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures

Custom Size DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures

Embrace building your very own golf simulator with our DIY enclosure kits. Tailored for the hands-on enthusiast, our kits provide most of the necessary components and flexibility you need to create a personalized golfing haven. Whether you're outfitting a spare room or designing a dedicated space, our DIY solutions offer golfers the perfect blend of customization and user-friendly assembly.

Custom Size Golf Simulator Screens

Custom Size Golf Simulator Screens

At the heart of any simulator game, lies the screen — the window to virtual golfing worlds. Our golf simulator screens are crafted using advanced technology to ensure durability, high visual fidelity, and a true-to-life golfing experience. Designed to withstand the impact of real golf balls, our screens offer a crisp, clear image that brings virtual courses to life, ensuring every drive, chip, and putt is as thrilling as the real thing.

Custom Flooring & Accessories

Golf Simulator Accessories: Wall Padding, Foam Padding, and Gap Pads

Golf Simulator Accessories: Wall Padding, Foam Padding, and Gap Pads

Complete your golf simulator setup with our range of essential accessories. From wall padding that protects your space and reduces noise to foam padding that adds extra protection, we have everything you need to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Our gap pads are the a great finishing touch, ensuring seamless integration of all golf simulator room components for a sleek, professional look.

Each of these products is designed with your ultimate golfing experience in mind, offering unparalleled customization to create a setup that's uniquely yours. Visit our product pages for more detailed information and transform your indoor golfing experience today.

Custom Golf Simulator Flooring & Hitting Mats

The foundation of a full room dedicated to golf and a great golf simulator experience starts with the right flooring and hitting mats. Our custom solutions are designed not just for aesthetics but for performance, mimicking the feel of real turf underfoot.

Choose from a variety of materials and designs to match your space and playing style, ensuring every stance and swing feels natural and comfortable.

Why Choose The Indoor Golf Shop

Choosing The Indoor Golf Shop means selecting a partner dedicated to bringing your dream golf simulator to life with unparalleled quality and precision. We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. Our team of experts is here to provide personalized consultations, helping to tailor every aspect of your golf simulator project, to your exact needs. Beyond our products, our superior customer service stands ready to support you every step of the way, from initial inquiry to post-installation. Our commitment is to deliver a fully customized golfing experience that exceeds your expectations, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

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Can I customize the size of my golf simulator enclosure to fit my space?

Absolutely! At The Indoor Golf Shop, we understand that every space is unique. Our team offers custom sizing for both commercial and DIY golf simulator enclosures to ensure a perfect fit for your designated area wherever possible.

What custom options are available for customizing the golf simulator screens?

We offer a variety of golf simulator screens designed to cater to different preferences and requirements. This includes choices in screen material for improved image quality, durability for frequent use, and custom dimensions to suit your space perfectly.

How can I tailor the Golf Simulator flooring to my space?

Custom flooring and hitting mats are crucial for an authentic golfing experience. We provide options to customize size and cut of your golf simulator flooring, allowing you to emulate the feel of your favorite courses or practice conditions.

Can I integrate custom accessories like wall padding and foam padding into my simulator setup?

Definitely. We offer a range of accessories, including wall padding, foam padding, and gap pads, that can be customized in terms of size, color, and material. These additions not only enhance the safety and aesthetics of your simulator but also contribute to a more immersive golfing experience.

Is it possible to upgrade my golf simulator with new features over time?

Of course! We pride ourselves on offering scalable solutions. As your needs evolve or as new technologies become available, you can upgrade components such as the launch monitor, software, or other hardware to keep your simulator state-of-the-art, and we'll always be here to help!

How do I start the customization process for my golf simulator?

Starting is simple. Reach out to our team for a consultation, where we'll discuss your vision, space, and requirements. From there, we'll guide you through the customization options available and help you design the perfect golf simulator setup.