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Are you looking to create the ultimate golf simulator simulator experience right in your own home, but worried about the cost? With The Indoor Golf Shop's Golf Simulator Builder , you can design a perfect golf simulator room tailored to any price or size. Whether you're looking to invest a little or a lot, our tool guides you through each step of the process, taking out all the guesswork and ensuring you get the best value for your golf game without compromising on quality.

Finding the Perfect Golf Simulator:
Using The Indoor Golf Shop's Golf Simulator Room Builder

Navigating the complexities of choosing the best golf simulator packages . That's why The Indoor Golf Shop has engineered a revolutionary Golf Simulator Room Builder , designed from the ground up to make your decision-making process as simple as possible. Our intuitive tool seamlessly guides you through selecting components, comparing options, and understanding costs, ensuring a straightforward shopping experience tailored to your needs and budget. It does all this while building a model simulator in full 3D that helps you visualize how your new golf simulator might look when you play at home. might look when you play at home.

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Our intuitive tool seamlessly guides you through selecting components, comparing options, and understanding costs, ensuring a straightforward shopping experience tailored to your needs and budget. It does all this while building a model simulator in full 3D that helps you visualize how your new golf simulator might look when you play at home. might look when you play at home.

Indoor Golf Simulators:
Build, Buy, or Custom Made

Our Golf Simulator Room Builder offers unparalleled flexibility to suit every golfer's needs. Whether you're starting from scratch or have specific requirements, our tool provides three distinct pathways to finding your best home golf simulator:

Build a Golf Simulator to Your Specific Requirements

Build a Golf Simulator to Your Specific Requirements

Choosing the "Build Your Own" option is ideal for those golfers who desire complete control over every aspect of their indoor golf simulator. This path allows you to handpick each golf simulator component based on your preferences and technical requirements, ensuring that everything from the technology to the aesthetics is exactly what you envision. Whether you're a tech-savvy golfer with specific performance goals or someone who needs a system that fits a unique space like a garage , building your simulator piece by piece offers the ultimate range of customization.

Choose the Best Golf Simulator Package

Choose the Best Golf Simulator Package

For golfers seeking a hassle-free setup, our "Help Me Choose" the best golf simulator package option simplifies the selection process. By entering details about your room size, price requirements, golfing experience, and whether your focus is on game improvement or entertainment, our tool expertly recommends pre-made golf simulator packages that align with your needs. This approach eliminates the guesswork and time involved in piecing together sim components individually, providing a tailored experience that matches your specific requirements efficiently.

Design and Build a Custom Golf Simulator for Home

Design and Build a Custom Golf Simulator for Home

For those dreaming of the ultimate home golf simulator package , our "Custom Design & Install" a golf simulator option provides a comprehensive solution. After filling out a detailed form with your requirements, our expert sales team will contact you to begin crafting your custom-designed simulator. This personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your home golf simulator is tailored to fit your home and preferences perfectly. Additionally, while waiting for our team's consultation, you can explore possibilities and gather ideas using our sim configurator tool .

Example: Beginner Golf Simulator

Example: Beginner Golf Simulator


Choose "Beginning" if you're looking for entry level options to the world of simulators. The Skytrak+ SIG8 Package priced at $8,249.99 is a great balance between entertainment and training.

Visit the link to view this option in our Sim Builder and see the options!

Example: Golf Sim for Experienced Player

Example: Golf Sim for Experienced Player


The Bushnell Launch Pro SIG10 Bundle priced at $7,799.99 offers precise tracking and an immersive experience for the more experienced players.

Click the link to see this setup in our Sim Builder!

Example: High-end sim for a golf veteran

Example: High-end sim for a golf veteran

$15000 or more

The veteran segment includes state-of-the-art simulators like the Flightscope X3 Package with SIG Golf Simulator Flooring at around $24,000 is an extremely premium offering with unmatched accuracy and features.

Visit the link above to see this setup pre-built in our configurator.

Golf Simulators for Home or Business:
Commercial, Residential, or Luxury Use Cases

Our versatile golf simulators cater to both personal and professional environments. Whether you’re enhancing your home with a leisurely setup, adding some fun to your garage, or boosting your business with a commercial-grade simulator , we help you select the right components or packages. Our solutions scale from cozy residential corners to expansive commercial spaces, ensuring every package is optimized for its intended use, whether for practice, entertainment, or business engagement you'll be able to play golf in no time.

Home Golf Simulators

Home Golf Simulators

Our Home Golf Simulators customers can choose from SIG golf simulator enclosures that include everything you need, or as DIY kits for those who enjoy a hands-on sim building experience. All products are of excellent quality, perfectly suited for home use. Additionally, buyers have access to a complete range of components such as launch monitors, projectors, and hitting mats, allowing them to meet specific needs and preferences within their personal golf simulator package.

Commercial Golf Simulators

Commercial Golf Simulators

Our Commercial Golf Simulator packages are designed to cater to the demands of frequent public use, incorporating extremely heavy-duty materials that ensure durability and longevity. They are available in larger sizes , providing ample room for play, which is ideal for commercial settings such as sports bars, retail centers, and training facilities. These golf simulators are engineered to withstand the rigors of constant use while offering the same extensive range of components—such as advanced launch monitors, high-quality projectors, and durable hitting mats—as our home setups.

High End & Luxury Indoor Golf Simulators

High End & Luxury Indoor Golf Simulators

Our luxury golf simulator options are crafted for those who view their golf simulator package as a permanent enhancement to their home or venue. These high-end options include built-in perks like custom wall paneling and padding that integrate directly into your room's structure, or luxurious, retractable curtains that can be elegantly concealed when not in use. These package upgrades not only elevate the aesthetic of any space but also affirm a commitment to a top-tier golfing experience, making them ideal for discerning enthusiasts looking for a more integrated solution.

Choosing Your Simulator Components in our Sim Builder

Pro Tip:
Enough Room for Golf Simulation

Understanding the space available is crucial when configuring your golf simulator. Our intuitive golf simulator configurator automatically recommends the best options based on the room dimensions you provide. Whether in your garage, shed, or an extra room, this feature ensures that the components and layout you select for your golf sim will fit perfectly within your designated area, maximizing the functionality and enjoyment of your own golf simulator package.

Perfect Fit:Finding a Home Golf Simulator Enclosure

Selecting the right golf simulator enclosure not only enhances the game's safety by keeping balls contained but also adds to the fun by seamlessly integrating your sim into your space and keeping your room protected. Our configurator offers different sizes and styles of our SIG enclosures, allowing you to visualize how each can transform your room. This feature is crucial for maximizing your ability to enjoy the game, ensuring you achieve the best home golf simulator experience possible in your home.

Choose a Golf Simulator Impact Screen

When it comes to enhancing your game, the quality of the impact screen in your golf simulator is crucial. Each SIG impact screen is designed to withstand the force of a ball, ensuring durability without compromising the realism of your swing and club impact.

These screens are a wise investment, offering excellent price value while significantly enhancing the playability and visual clarity of your golf simulation setup, ensuring every game and practice session is as rewarding as possible.

The great news about choosing a screen from the Indoor Golf Shop sim builder is that our best/premium screen is included with your enclosure!

How to Choose a Hitting Mat

Choosing the right hitting mat is crucial for simulating the feel of real golf courses and enhancing your indoor golf experience. Our configurator helps you see how the SIGPRO Softy mats —considered the best in the business— will integrate into your space. These mats are essential for ensuring that the full golf club path and swing are accurately replicated, providing a realistic response similar to playing on actual turf.

The SIGPRO Softy mats are designed not only to enhance the realism of your own club swing but also to protect your golf clubs and flooring over long-term use. By mimicking the conditions of outdoor play, these mats offer a vital component to your setup, allowing you to play indoor golf with the same intensity and precision you would expect on the course. Their durability ensures they stand up to the rigors of practice, providing life-long value to your golfing journey.

Your Projector Brings the Game to Life

A projector is indispensable in enriching your golf simulator experience, transforming how you play and interact within your dedicated space.

Our configurator not only assists in choosing a suitable projector but also demonstrates how it integrates into your room, ensuring the distances from the screen are optimal based on your screen choice.

This setup enhances the accuracy and vividness of each shot, crucial for replicating real golf environments within your golf simulator package itself.Using the right projector ensures that every detail of the golf course and launch visuals are sharply rendered, making every game session vibrant and lifelike.

A strategically placed projector can significantly impact the quality of play, bringing the game to life in your home or business setting. This integration is essential for those who value precision and realism in their golf simulator experience, enhancing both the playability and enjoyment of your golf game setup.

Choosing a Launch Monitor

Selecting the launch monitor for your golf simulator package is crucial for enhancing your golf simulator experience, bringing precision to your indoor setup.Our configurator not only showcases how each model of launch monitor fits within your space but also lets you choose the launch monitor's placement—whether beside the ball, behind it, or from the ceiling—to best suit your swing dynamics and club path.This choice directly impacts the quality of data received, including ball flight, total distance, club impact, launch angle, and more.

Models such as the Foresight Sports, Uneekor Eye XO, or SkyTrak launch monitor options are are celebrated for their accuracy and portability, essential features for golfers who demand flexibility and precision. Some of these systems systems are highly portable, offering robust data analytics like carry distance and ball data, allowing golfers to train effectively indoors regardless of the weather, or outdoors in the world. Using the best golf launch monitor offers insights that can transform any golfer's understanding of their game, providing data that mimics playing in the real world.

Whether you're looking to refine your technique or enjoy a round with friends, choosing the best golf launch monitor for your golf simulator package ensures that every detail of your play is captured and analyzed, enhancing your ability to play and train effectively outdoors and indoors.

Time to Pick a Launch Monitor Software Package

Enhancing your golf launch monitor with the right software package is crucial for maximizing the capabilities of your golf simulator.

Our configurator allows you to choose from various software options that enhance your experience, whether it’s for practice or play. Each package is designed to complement the space and setup of your best home golf simulator environment, with previews available to visualize how the software appears on your computer screen.

Opt for advanced analytics to deeply understand your swing and golf club dynamics, especially if you're using a top-tier launch monitor like those from Foresight Sports. These features transform your launch monitor into the best launch monitor for your specific needs, providing detailed feedback and enhancing your overall golf simulation experience.

This selection process ensures that your golf simulator is equipped to offer the most realistic and enriching experience possible.

Additional Software Choices Up Your Golf Game

Enhance your golfing experience by selecting from our range of additional software options available in the configurator.

These choices are meticulously curated to ensure compatibility with your chosen launch monitor, such as those from Foresight Sports, to bring you closer to the most prestigious golf courses in the world.

For instance, software compatible with Foresight Sports can simulate detailed environments that mirror the real world dynamics of iconic courses, offering an immersive play golf experience. This integration not only enhances the realism of your golf simulator but also ensures that the insights from your club's interaction with the virtual ball are accurate and beneficial.

Such precision is why our launch monitors and accompanying software packages are celebrated in the golf industry, helping to elevate your game to a professional level.

Optional Components for Game Improvements & More

Enhancing your golf simulator setup with optional components like gaming PCs, golf simulator control boxes, and launch monitor covers can significantly elevate your experience.

These items, while not essential to get started, optimize the functionality and integration within your space, making them valuable as you track improvements and engage more deeply with the golf industry. Investing in these additional tools can provide a seamless transition into more advanced golf simulation, ensuring your setup remains at the forefront of technology.

Summary: You're Ready to Play Indoor Golf

When you've reached this screen in our Sim Builder, your golf simulator setup is now fully configured and ready for a comprehensive review.

Utilize our interactive tools to view your setup in 3D from different angles, and use the feature to overlay a golfer within
the space to truly appreciate the scale and fit of your setup.

Don’t forget to save your configuration by providing your email address, allowing us to send you a link to review, modify,
or share your setup at any time. Whether you’re evaluating launch monitors, impact screens, or different golf simulator packages,
you have created one of the best home golf simulators tailored to your preferences.

Ready to make a purchase?

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