On The Tee: Eduardo Paulino

On The Tee: Eduardo Paulino

Team Member Spotlight: Eduardo Paulino

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

Born in North Carolina, Eduardo Paulino moved to Celina, Texas when he was just four years old, and he’s been there ever since. Not really a golf fan growing up, his outlook on the game quickly changed during his tenure at The Indoor Golf Shop.“I used to think golf was boring until I got to see it up close on the simulators and actually started swinging a club,” Eduardo admits. “The first time I ever hit a golf ball was here at work on a simulator. From that point forward, I would try to get on more and practice my swing when there was some downtime or during my breaks. It helps to have a room full of people who know a lot about the game. Since then, I have grown to appreciate the sport and just how good one has to be to play professionally. I hope to get my own clubs soon and hit a golf course for the first time once I get a bit more practice on the indoor simulator.”

Paulino, whose early interests and career paths revolved around construction management and mechanical engineering, celebrates more than two years as Warehouse Supervisor here at The Indoor Golf Shop. 

“My favorite aspect about working here would definitely be that it is never stagnant,” he says. “There are always new projects, tasks, and products coming out, and we are always coming together to figure out ways to achieve the goals we have set. I love how it challenges you to think in different ways.”

Eduardo says that although he does have daily tasks, no two days are really the same, which keeps him on his toes and prevents anyone from getting bored or feeling stifled. He says he and his colleagues are constantly learning things that help improve their knowledge and increase the value they bring to the team. 

“It also makes things 100 times better that everyone here gets along well,” he adds. “It makes hard tasks and work so much easier working alongside people who make the job fun and a place you want to be.”

He is thankful for the impact that previous employers, as well as managers at The Indoor Golf Shop, have had on his current role. Although I know my work ethic is nothing compared to theirs, I wish to have even half of theirs. They have always preached that if you do something, no matter what it is, you learn it and do it the best that you can. I try to take that with me in all aspects of the things I do.”

As we already mentioned, Eduardo still lives in Celina, and he’s glad to have a simple seven-minute commute to the office every day. An animal lover at heart, Eduardo has three goats and a cow, with a dog and hopefully more animals to come!