Plenty Of Options With Golf Sim Software

Plenty Of Options With Golf Sim Software

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

It’s almost summer, and BBQs are already working overtime to prepare those summertime favorites, like burgers, chicken, and sausage. Sausage lovers, for instance, may enjoy grilling them up, filling a fresh bun, adding their condiments, and eating away. But do they know how the sausage is really made? In the case of the many indoor golf simulators on the market today, what’s inside the device is what drives the user experience.

Getting an expert’s advice on indoor golf simulator software

Hunter Thomas is a Technical Support Manager here at The Indoor Golf Shop, bringing his vast knowledge and expertise to our clients who have questions about the many indoor golf simulator options.

A significant aspect of the indoor golf simulators we sell is the technology that’s built into them. It’s the software inside that creates the hours of fun, provides the years of memories, and promotes the lower scores that most golf simulator consumers seek.

“For the most part, every name you recognize in this market (and some you don’t) will offer their own driving range software that automatically comes with the system,” Thomas says. “Many will offer some type of golf course package with that software – but some do not.”

Thomas says that in addition to offering something unique in each of their driving range software packages, there are three companies that offer golf courses within their own software – Foresight Sports, Uneekor, and TrackMan. Whereas TrackMan is exclusively compatible with its own software, Uneekor owners can utilize and enjoy the features of the major third-party software systems. They also offer two golf course software packages, in addition to their free driving range features. As a general statement, each launch monitor has its own criteria for what third-party software it will work with. This is a topic that Thomas has to really explain to most consumers, as it’s not always clear and easy to understand.

What’s in the software?

The golf simulator software is where you see the differentiating details of each system:

  • Driving range
  • Golf courses
  • Club and ball data**
  • Reports

**They’ll all have their own ways of displaying the club and ball information sought by the golfer, but each of them will have an area on the screen that could be populated IF the hardware is capable of retrieving that data. Simply put, some launch monitor devices pick up more data than others.

Where’s the main difference?

With a majority of the software packages and hardware devices providing a lot of the same information (some do more than others as stated above), much of the distinction between them is in the aesthetics (the appearance) and the ease of use to the consumer.

“I ask people if they’ll be using the product strictly for game improvement or entertainment. That really helps determine the route we take with the sale,” Thomas explains.

When advising hard-core game improvement seekers (which usually means the driving range), Thomas suggests using the standard software package that comes with the launch monitor (FSX in the case of Foresight Sports). They’re not paying extra for any high-end golf courses that they won’t use anyway.

If they’re someone looking for a fun outlet to have in their basement or garage and enjoy with family and friends, the conversation gets a bit more in depth. Thomas will suggest a Uneekor device or another brand that gives them more golf course options. He’ll even suggest third-party software in this case to maximize the number of golf courses available to the golfer.

Some third-party golf simulator software options

Each of the third-party software option offer slightly different features that Thomas and his team explain to the consumer to ensure a happy customer during the buying process and long-after the golf simulator is installed.

  • GSPro Golf Simulation Software
    - Designed to be a true to life golf simulator
    - Features include 4K graphics, realistic ball physics, and a growing online community of golfers
    - Create and play virtual golf courses created by others in the online community
  • E6 Connect Golf Simulation Software
    - The highest quality and most lifelike golf simulation software
    - Highly customizable
    - Ideal for practice, learning, or playing
    - Only software that works on an iPad

What’s in the data?

When it comes to the numbers – ball speed, club speed, etc. – most of the software packages provide similar data. Thomas says E6 Connect is a few data points short of the others, but its pros far outweigh this slight shortcoming.

“For the most part, you’re going to get the same 12-13 data points on clubhead and golf ball performance and response,” Thomas indicated. “It’s very customization, to where you can see only the data points that you’ve checked off in the settings, allowing you to focus on a few aspects of your game at a time.”

If you’re in the market for an indoor golf simulator, reach out to Hunter and The Indoor Golf Shop sales and service team to determine your needs and secure your little piece of golf heaven. This stellar technology will provide the ultimate indoor golf simulator experience every time you tee it up.

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