SIG Replaceable Hitting Strips

Ideal for golfers looking to replace the hitting strips in their SIGPRO Mats or DIYers that need an insert for their subfloor - the SIGPRO SoftySIGPRO 3D, and Preferred, are all designed with their own unique qualities and differences that result in better performance, durability and feel.

The Preferred

The Preferred is the same hitting strip that comes standard in the SIGPRO Golf Mats and is the perfect replacement for those strips that may have become worn over time.


We set out to create the very best, most realistic hitting strip on the market. Think Augusta fairways, think Pinehurst – the SIGPRO Softy is designed to feel like the very best fairways in the game.


The SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip is our most durable insert that will withstand repetitive impacts for long term use in a residential or commercial environment. This is a sturdy, yet flexible and forgiving turf insert that produces realistic feel and feedback for the golfer. 

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