Putting Drills With SIGPRO Greens

Putting Drills With SIGPRO Greens

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

The Indoor Golf Shop recently introduced a collection of SIGPRO® Putting Greens that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The collection includes five different sizes, several different shapes, and a variety of price points ranging from $1,099.99 to $3,299.99. 

You can add an indoor putting green to your home or office by choosing the right one for the right space:

Gimme Putting Green
Tap-In Putting Green
Walk-Off Putting Green
Double Break Putting Green
Executive Putting Green

SIGPRO Double Break Putting GreenSIGPRO Double Break Putting Green

All SIGPRO Putting Greens are designed with a stimp rating of 10, offering firm putting surfaces on which golfers can hone their putting skills. SIGPRO greens feature premium synthetic turf and a solid base structure of interlocking, high-impact polymer plastic tiles, providing a realistic putting experience for those die-hard golfers who just can’t get enough. 

In working on your game, there are an array of effective putting drills that you can apply to your practice regimen. Here are some of our favorites:

Enter the Gate Slow and Steady
Place two small objects just wider than your putter head. Swing the putter through the zone, slow and steady, maintaining a balanced stroke from address, through your backswing, forward swing and follow through. Place a ball in the gate and stroke some putts with your new balanced putting stroke.

Stay in Your Lane
To ensure the ball rolls true after impact, create a path with two alignment rods or golf shafts. Similar to the gate drill highlighted above, keeping the putter steady within the rods and ensuring your ball remains within the extended pathway after impact will tell you if you’re striking the ball with a true roll or if you’re imparting side spin on the ball, which will skew the direction it goes.

Surround the Hole to Hole More Putts
Place five coins incrementally away from the hole – 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc. Do it from each direction to adequately surround the hole. Putt a ball from each coin, increasing the distance of each putt with every successful attempt. Before you know it, you’ll be as confident on those five-footers as you are on your tap-ins. Performing this drill within your outdoor practice will bring different breaks and undulations into play.

SIGPRO Gimme Putting Green SIGPRO Gimme Putting Green

Wedge It for that End Over End Rotation
Putting with a wedge keeps you steady and stable through impact. If you get too low, you’ll elevate the ball; strike it too high and you’ll push the ball into the ground. Using the leading edge of your wedge, blade the ball with a putting motion to impart that true end over end roll on the ball. 

Leave it Two Feet in All Directions
Lag putting is a different animal from simply trying to hole your 3-, 5-, and 10-foot putts. Putts of 20 feet or more should be left within a couple of feet of the hole, and since you can’t make a putt that doesn’t reach the hole, it’s to your advantage to get the ball to the hole, but without blowing it by. Place an alignment rod or another club on the ground a couple of feet beyond the hole and DON’T HIT THAT SHAFT. Leaving a two-footer on every lag putt will result in many stress-free pars.

Straight Back and Through
If you’re a straight back and through putter, place an alignment rod or shaft at your toes parallel to the line of your putt. As your stroke the ball, keep the same distance between the heel of your putter and the rod on the ground. This will ensure that there’s no arc in your putting stroke.

If you’re an arc putting proponent, there are putting arc devices on the market that will help you keep the right amount of curvature in your putting stroke.

Compete in Your Practice to Excel in Your Play
Find a partner and create your own games to play on your SIGPRO Putting Green. Start far away and reduce the length of putts. Start close and extend outwards. Create a point system and reward yourselves for a job well done. Practicing with a purpose will help you when the real pressure is on out there on the golf course.

SIGPRO Executive Putting GreenSIGPRO Executive Putting Green

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