The Future of Golf and the Role of Technology in Training and Play

The Future of Golf and the Role of Technology in Training and Play

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

Technology’s impact on golf is probably the worst kept secret in the industry. The tech side of the game has changed the way we play, practice, learn, and watch the game, as well as what we wear and the equipment we use. What used to be a seasonal game in most areas of the country, has become a year-round endeavor, thanks to indoor golf simulators in the homes of die-hard golfers and in businesses that promote the game through socialization, food, and drink.

The future of golf - the professional game

The future of the professional game is lively, with dynamic young players joining the great names that we all know and love. With competing tours shaking things up and professional ranks on six continents, there’s more competition than ever for the stars of tomorrow to discover. The women’s game is more popular, diverse, and global than ever before, with the top players in the game hailing from all corners of the world and young stars superseding the legends of yesteryear. 

The future of golf - equipment and apparel

As distance continues to be the driving factor in success on the course, equipment technology (balls and clubs) will continue to excel at the cash register for the world’s leading manufacturers. The leaders in the industry outdo themselves with each new club release, and golfers are eating it up, spending hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest driver, when they were really just getting used to the one they had.

The expression “golf fashion” is an oxymoron no more, as what we see Rickie and Scottie and Jordan and Justin wear on the weekend usually ends up in our golf shops soon after. With breathable fabrics, vibrant colors and styles, and an entirely new athleisure segment, golf apparel for men and women is as important to the game as that new Vokey wedge or Scotty Cameron putter.

The future of golf - golf entertainment venues

With Topgolf, Toptracer, PopStroke, Drive Shack, Putting World, and more attracting golfers and non-golfers alike to their golf entertainment venues and ranges, they are introducing the game to a whole new demographic of golfer, the social “golf is boring” golfer, who always swore they’d never play the game, but is now more inclined to say “I am a golfer.” These venues are breaking down barriers one by one – cost, time to play, instruction, family fun, socialization, diversity and inclusion – and all segments of the industry are reaping the benefits. 

The future of golf - indoor golf simulation

Indoor golf simulators pick up where golf entertainment venues leave off. While the big-name entertainment spots get new golfers hooked on the game, The Indoor Golf Shop takes it a step further and provides a plethora of opportunities for golfers, new and old, to play at home, in the dead of winter in places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New England. Sure, the Vikings, Packers, and Patriots are still the main attraction when the mercury starts to drop, but now their fans are watching the game with one eye and playing a virtual round of golf at Pebble Beach in their basement or indoor golf simulator studio across town with the other eye.

The Indoor Golf Shop has everything you need, from soup to nuts, to go all-in on golf technology. You already have the clubs, the balls, the clothes, the shoes, and the desire. Now you just need to experience what technology can mean to your golf experience.

The future of golf means technology doesn’t have to break the bank

With millions of new golfers taking up the game during the pandemic, the second-hand golf club market is booming. By buying last year’s model or even a few years back, you can save a boatload of money and still reap the benefits of the stellar technology built in.

In apparel, browse your local golf shops and you’ll see beautiful fabrics and styles in golf shirts with price points from $40 to well over $100. Now, you can look like a pro without paying pro prices!

Here at The Indoor Golf Shop, we have indoor golf simulators for all budgets, as well:


The FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package includes the Mevo+ Launch Monitor, a golf net, side netting, a SIGPRO turf golf mat, E6 software with 10 golf courses preloaded. When you consider the hours of family fun, hijinks with your buddies, and dedicated practice that becomes available, you realize what an unbelievable bargain this package is. There are many other FlightScope Mevo+ packages that offer an array of different amenities. Contact our sales team today!


The SkyTrak Sig10 Golf Simulator Package includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, complete simulator studio, SIGPRO premium screen, projector and cables, and Play and Improve software with Golf Course Play. If SkyTrak is your system of choice, you can spend as little as $4,000 or treat yourself to a package twice that amount.


The Indoor Golf Shop has package options with such others leaders in this space as Uneekor, Bushnell, TruGolf, Foresight Sports, and HD Golf. Check out our website and it’ll be like Christmas Day every day!

The future of golf means getting serious about practice

Finally, no piece on golf technology would be complete without paying homage to the launch monitor. It’s the driving force behind all of the gaming options on the market. Not only can you stream simulation to a screen, tablet, or laptop, but you can practice with a purpose in mind, analyzing your club speed, ball speed, smash factor, angle of approach, club face angle at impact, carry distance, total distance, and more. You can buy a launch monitor and a rudimentary net OR go all out and invest in the screen, turf, and simulation package.

Again, it can be a bit overwhelming with so many options, but The Indoor Golf Shop sales and service team can help you navigate the purchase so you are pleased afterward and excited to venture into the many possibilities that golf technology has to offer the golf fanatic in all of us.