Employee Appreciation & BBQ

Employee Appreciation & BBQ

We love to work ... and we love to have fun too. Summertime in Texas is HOT, so anytime cool, refreshing water can be a part of the activity, we're all for it. In this case, we rented a Dunk Tank, as part of our Employee Appreciation BBQ, and let our people fire away at the bullseye in hopes of dunking a few good sports into that cool, refreshing water! Here are some pics from our fun afternoon of playing games.

Dunk Tank throw

Our Operations Manager (Tadd) throws his fastball to dunk his boss, and Operations VP (Lee).

The Indoor Golf Shop employees

A few of our team members: Kailey, Dylan, and Allyson

Employee Appreciation BBQ

Employees line up to dunk their coworkers - starting with Rene, our President & Founder.

Rene Delgado in the Dunk Tank

Rene, our President & Founder, awaits his fate above the cold water.

Dunk Tank throwing

Ready. Aim. Fire! With a smile from Nhi, of course.

Employees playing Jenga

A serious game of Jenga being played by our Sales & Support Team: Joe, Josiah, Hunter, and Adam.

Employee awards

Every month our staff votes for the co-worker who's made the best and biggest impact. Wilmer is the winner for July (pictured with Rene & Lee)

Employee BBQ

Alysson & Kailey chat with Rene before the burgers are served.

Alex in the Dunk Tank

Alex hitting the water

Alex makes a splash

Alex, our Marketing Operations Lead, knows how to make a splash.

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