Golf Reflections This Father's Day

Golf Reflections This Father's Day

Golf is a beautiful game shared by young and old, male and female, beginners and experts. Time spent on the course isn't just about hitting the ball around and tallying scores. It's time spent together between strangers, friends, coworkers, competitors, and of course, family.

There's something very special about passing down the love of a hobby, activity, or sport to the next generation and that's one reason why Father's Day can be an extra meaningful holiday for golfers. Maybe the game was introduced to you by your father or grandfather - you might be introducing the game to your son or daughter - and maybe it's an activity that you have in common with your loved one. Whatever that bond might between father & child, it's special and unique.

To celebrate and honor this Father's Day, some of our team members at The Indoor Golf Shop reflect and share some memories and reasons golf connects family and generations like no other game.

Justin Carlson, Vice President of Sales

My dad and I both started playing golf at the same time, I was 18 and he was 50.  Over the last 25 years, we’ve played many rounds of golf (both indoor and outdoor) and shared memories that won’t be forgotten.  The game of golf has brought us closer together and I look forward to another 25 years of making memories!

Joe Ellis, Golf Simulator & Technology Sales Specialist

I am incredibly grateful that both of my children have gravitated to loving golf more than other sports and will not let their clubs go. I can't wait for the day when we can all go golfing as a family.

Joe Ellis & his son

Kailey Loftice, Golf Simulator Design Specialist

My dad is the one who brought golf into my life during high school! He supported me throughout my time on the school team and spent hours on the course with me. I will forever be thankful he encouraged me to learn a new sport!

Rene Delgado, Founder & President

Some of my fondest memories growing up was going to play golf with my dad and his buddies. He introduced me to the sport at a very young age, and I'm grateful that he did b/c it's a game that I've fallen in love with. It brings me joy to do the same with my son, Ryan. Ryan started going to the driving range with me when he was two years old - and from the get go you could see he had a spark in his eyes. He was hooked. Shortly thereafter he started to come with me to play on the golf course. I love spending time with him on the golf course. One of my favorite things that he does on the course, although not as much as he's gotten older, is running to his next shot. Sometimes you would think that he's playing speed golf....he hits his shot and then immediately runs up to the next one and hits it....until he catches up to where the other balls are. After he hits a shot he always follows it up with a look back at daddy and his signature thumbs up. Priceless.

Rene Delgado & his son

Alex Terrill, Marketing Operations Lead

My grandparents owned & ran the Durant Country Club for most of my childhood. My Grandfather got me my first set of golf clubs, took me around the course for maintenance, and had me working in their pro shop all at the ripe old age of 6. I have special memories on the golf course, finding golf balls in the ponds and getting 25 cents for every ball I brought back to my grandfather's office. I also became very skilled at driving...the golf carts back to the garage for storage (charging & fueling). Sadly the course is no longer open but the memories will stick with me forever. 

Jeff Wood, Vice President of Marketing

Some of my favorite memories growing up are of my Dad taking me with him to play golf on Saturday mornings at Sea N’ Air Golf Club – the golf course on Naval Air Station in Coronado, Calif. As a kid, playing with him and his shipmates, was an unforgettable experience for me – not only playing with adults, but some of the language I learned too as a youngster :) He taught me the game that I love today and have been fortunate to have as a career all these years. We still play a lot of golf together and my two sons play with us too, which is really a highlight in life for me. The common question that golfers get asked “Who’s your dream foursome?” – for me, no kidding when I say it, my dream foursome includes my Dad and my two boys. I love that golf has been a generational sport and a common thread for us. It’s one of the beautiful aspects of the game that we all enjoy.

Jeff Wood & his family

Lee Kirk, Vice President of Operations

I do play with my son & daughters. We love to be outdoors & spending time together. We get a chance to talk about college, work, life, etc. It is just great to have the time together. Plus, we aren’t the best golfers in the world, so we have a good laugh while we are playing. Seeing the excitement they have when hitting the ball well is fun too. I think it helps build confidence in other parts of their lives. Overall, golf is a fun family experience that we try to enjoy as much as possible.


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads
We hope you can enjoy the game & your special day this weekend.