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DIY Golf Simulator Manuals

This article compiles all DIY Golf Simulator Manuals in one place for customers looking for more information on their DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

DIY Golf Simulator Manuals & FAQ

The DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures at The Indoor Golf Shop were designed for golfers who don't mind  completing a few extra steps to build their dream golf simulator. We have a total of 10 different DIY Golf Simulator Enclosures to choose from. Below are the instruction manuals that give you all information to cut & assemble the frame, attach the screen & surround, and get golfing! 

16:10 Aspect Ratio   (W x H x D) 

16:9 Aspect Ratio   (W x H x D) 

DIY Golf Simulator FAQ

What's Included With the DIY Kit?

SIGPRO Premium Impact Screen, Surround material, Side Barrier Netting, Protective foam padding, 6" ball bungees, and Pipe Connectors.

Do I need to Buy My Own Pipe?

Yes! The DIY Kits do not come with the pipe needed to build the frame. You will need to purchase 1" EMT from your local hardware store for your DIY kit. The manual for your selected size will include the pipe cut measurements.

How Many people are needed to set it up?

We recommend having at least 2 people to complete the DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Build.