Best Golf Launch Monitors Under $1000

Best Golf Launch Monitors Under $1000

The price for golf technology like golf launch monitors range from under $1,000 to well over $20,000. We've compiled a list of the best launch monitors under $1000 so you can improve your golf game without breaking the bank. Before we talk about the best launch monitors, it is important to understand what launch monitors are, what they track, and the technology they utilize. 

What is a golf launch monitor?

Golf Launch monitors are devices that can track golf club and ball data metrics. Utilizing a variety of technology, launch monitors have certain specifications that need to be met in order to track your data metrics accurately. An affordable golf launch monitor is not hard to find, there are many price points for golf technology and even the best brands have budget options.

Types of Launch Monitors

Photometric:  These launch monitors utilize a high tech camera system to track the golf ball when struck by your golf club. These units normally sit next to the golf ball. Some photometric units work indoors only and some can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Doppler Radar:  These launch monitors utilize a radar system that tracks your golf ball, calculating and estimating the launch conditions. This type of launch monitor sits behind the golf ball and typically needs about 7-10ft of space between the unit and the ball. 

What will my launch monitor track?

• Ball Carry Distance

• Ball Total Distance

• Ball Apex

• Ball Speed

• Ball Flight

• Ball Spin Rate (sometimes special golf balls are needed)

• Club head speed (club speed can be measured with/without club head stickers)

• Angle of attack

• Launch angle

• Smash Factor

Launch Monitor Vs Golf Simualtor

Golf Simulators and Golf Launch Monitors are very similar. Most launch monitors double as a golf simulator, giving you access to simulated courses. Some launch monitors do not have simulator compatibility or capability, they can track your ball metrics but aren't able to show them on a simulated course.

Luckily with advancements in golf technology, more and more golf launch monitors are able to connect to 3rd party golf simulator software so you can still experience golf simulation even if your launch monitor does not have native simulation.

Best Launch Monitors Under $1,000

FlightScope MEVO Launch Monitor

The flightscope MEVO Launch monitor is the most affordable launch monitor on the market. Coming in at $499. Train and improve your distance control, club gapping, or challenge yourself in the FS Golf app.The FlightScope Mevo is a launch monitor that uses 3D Doppler radar technology and can be used indoors and outdoors to provide users with accurate data to help improve their golf game.

Use Mevo to improve on the range, on the course, and at your home with video and data on every shot.

What We Like:

• Tracks 8 Data Parameters

• Portable Launch Monitor (Fits in your pocket)

• Includes Metallic Stickers for doppler radar tracking

• Indoor & Outdoor golf launch monitor

Things to Consider:

• Not Golf Simulator Compatible (Upgrade to the MEVO+)

Swing Caddie sc4

The Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor is doppler based unit from swing caddie. Coming in at $549.99 the Swing Caddie SC4 sports an on unit display unlike other launch monitors on this list! For use indoors and outdoors, the SC4 delivers professional-grade swing and ball flight metrics. In simulator mode, the SC4 connects with the included MySwingCaddie App, providing a complete virtual display with metrics and stats.

For a more advanced experience, the SC4 connects directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to save their tracked data, record their swings, and produce swing overlays.

The remote control, voice output of distance, and rechargeable lithium ion battery ensure the highest level of experience and convenience.

What We Like:

• Lightweight remote control device

• On unit display

Things to Consider:

• 1 E6 Course , 1 Practice Range

Garmin Approach R10 - Our Top Pick

The garmin approach r10 is our pick for the best golf launch monitor under 1,000. Small and easy to move from home to the driving range, Approach R10 is the portable launch monitor that brings the course to you. Up to 10 hours of battery life means more time on the range. The Garmin approach r10 is one of our best selling golf launch monitors! 

What We Like:

• Tracks 10+ Metrics (Radar based launch monitor)

• 5 Free E6 Simulated Courses included (iOS)

• Extremely Portable Launch Monitor (Golf bag clip included)

• 10 Hour Batter Life

• Accurate golf launch monitor

• Integrates with Awesome Golf Software

Things to Consider:

• $9.99 Monthly Subscription Fee

"GREAT LITTLE DEVICE FOR THE MONEY! For my budget this is a perfect little device. Thank you Garmin...just make sure it is level and your measurements are correct and it reads really good. The app is very affordable as well."

James P. - Verified Buyer

Rapsodo MLM2PRO

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is one of the newer budget friendly golf launch monitors on the market. Coming in at $699.99 it is the most expensive unit on our list. Examine slow-motion GIFs with a high-speed impact vision camera that captures impact and initial ball flight at 240 frames per second. Whether you’ve struck it dead-center or toward the heel or toe, get visibility into every last detail with the MLM2PRO's Impact & Shot Vision.

What We Like:

• 2 advanced cameras and doppler radar tracking technology

• Impact Vision & Shot Vision

• 1 Year Premium Rapsodo Membership

• Includes Callaway RPT Golf Balls (3 balls)

• Indoor & Outdoor golf launch monitor

Things to Consider:

• Membership required for golf simulation

• Marked balls required for accurate spin numbers

Launch Monitors Under $1000 Comparison