Golf Hitting Strips

Golf Hitting Strips

SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strips

Looking for the most realistic hitting surface for you golf simulator? Look no further than the SIGPRO line of hitting strips from The Indoor Golf Shop. We have 3 main sizes that are utilized in our golf mats and golf simulator flooring. The original SIGPRO Softy Insert, The SIGPRO Softy XL Insert, and our newest release, the Softy LITE.

The Original SIGPRO Softy

The SIGPRO Softy golf hitting strip comes standard in all SIGPRO Softy Golf Mats and golf simulator flooring. Softy’s innovative design starts in the middle with a super soft foam insert. A plush layer of 1-inch thick Teeline turf mimics real grass feel while providing 100% accurate feedback on great shots and mishits. A thin layer of responsive ABS polyurethane allows for the flex action to occur at impact and then returns the turf to its original shape.

Three compression slots on the bottom of the Softy act as release valves so as the turf is compressed at impact, the air pressure dissipates giving the golfer a realistic and smooth follow through without the sharp vibrations that other hitting mats produce.


• Soft & Realistic Feedback

• Pain Free Impact

• Use Real Tees


The SIGPRO Softy XL is one of our newer releases, extending the hitting zone to 48" in length while keeping the 12" width and 2-3/8" Height. This hitting strip is featured in our SIGPRO Super Softy Golf Mats that utilize a heavy duty rubber base.

The SIGPRO Softy XL Hitting Strip utilizes the same design as the SIGPRO Softy but adds 2 more compression slots. The increased hitting area that is gained by the XL hitting strip gives additional space for overhead units with larger hitting zones and reduce ware and tear on your golf mat.


• Expanded Hitting Area (48")

• 5 Compression Slots

• Featured in Super Softy Golf Mats

• Use Real Tees


The SIGPRO Softy LITE is the newest hitting strip release from The Indoor Golf Shop! The Softy LITE Hitting Strip is featured in our SIGPRO Softy LITE Golf Mats.  There are two main differences between the Softy LITE and the Original SIGPRO Softy. The first is the hitting surface turf, the Softy Lite uses Premium Artificial turf (putting turf) and the SIGPRO Softy utilizes 1" Teeline turf. The thin layer of turf used for the Softy LITE does not allow real tees to be used.

The Second main difference between the two hitting strips is the overall height. The Softy LITE measures 1-1/4" high where the SIGPRO Softy sits at 2-3/8" high. The Softy LITE is shorter which allows for easier inlaying when building your own golf flooring, and increases the amount of space you have (floor to ceiling) when standing on your golf mat.


• Short Hitting Strip (1-1/4" High)

• 3 Compression Slots

• Cannot Use Real Tees

• Lightweight & Easy to Replace