foresight sports quadMAx launch monitor

Foresight Sports QuadMAX Launch Monitor First Look

This is a first look at the new launch monitor from Foresight Sports, the QuadMAX. Using the same technology as the Foresight Sports GCQuad, the QuadMAX is a huge upgrade!

First Look: Foresight Sports QUADMAX Launch montitor

At the 2024 PGA Show, Foresight Sports showed off their new lineup of launch monitors and technology (Falcon, Focus, QuadMAX). The QuadMAX is built on the same technology as the award winning GCQuad and almost looks identical to the unit. The QuadMAX bring on some new features and will be available for purchase in February of 2024! 

GCQuad vs QuadMAX



Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor
Measures Club & Ball Data
Measures Club & Ball Data
On Unit Button Navigation
Tocuhscreen Display
Preset Data Shown on Screen 
Customizable On Screen Data (MyTiles)
Must be connected to Foresight Sports app to save data.
Internal Memory Stores Shot & Session Data for later offload and Analysis

QuadMax new Features

TouchScreen Display

One of the biggest upgrades the QuadMAX has over its predecessor is a touchscreen display for easy navigation right on the device. Foresight Sports first introduced the touchscreen display with their GC3 launch monitor and have now implemented it with the new QuadMAX. 

Speed Training 

The QuadMAX has a new speed training mode, that enables golfers to measure and build swing speed with a golf club or speed training aid, and without hitting a golf ball.

foresight sports quadMAX

Introducing MyTiles 

One of the newest features the QuadMAX brings to golf technology is the ability to customize which data metrics you want to see on your QuadMAX. MyTiles allows users to customize the on-screen data they wish to view and prioritize. MyTiles satisfies a wish-list request from top instructors and Tour players seeking to focus on only certain launch variables during lessons and practice.

Internal Memory 

The QuadMAX has an internal memory that will house your shot and session data inside the unit so you can later offload and analyze your practice session. Foresight Sports really wants golfers to focus on their practice without the distraction of an tablet or screen. Practice, upload, analyze all with the QuadMAX. 

foresight sports mytiles

Releasing Soon: Foresight Sports QuadMAX

The Foresight Sports QuadMAX is brand new to the golf world and is planning on being released after the 2024 PGA Show. Be sure to signup for our Newsletter to get the latest information from the 2024 PGA Show and learn more about new units entering the market in 2024!