trackman iO launch monitor

TrackMan iO Golf Simulator - Indoor Golf, Elevated

The Trackman iO is the newest release from Trackman Golf. Learn about it's features, pricing, and compare it to other launch monitors in the space.

Indoor Optimization with Trackman

Trackman Golf has been one of the titans of the Golf launch monitor industry with their Trackman 4 Golf Launch Monitor. Used and trusted by the professionals in golf, Trackman has made a name for themselves by being one of the most accurate launch monitors in the industry. Now, in 2023, they have released a ceiling mounted unit, the Trackman iO.

In this blog we are going to cover some of the new features the new Trackman iO brings to the table and compare it to other indoor golf simulators. Find out if the Trackman iO will give you the ultimate indoor golf experience you've been searching for.

Trackman iO Features

The io in Trackman iO, stands for Indoor Optimized. The Trackman iO was designed to give golfers the ultimate indoor golf experience. The Trackman iO's ceiling mounted design frees up space in your golf simulator room. There is no need for additional lighting for the iO to read full shots allowing for an elegant simulator setup.

The new Trackman iO utilizes high speed infrared imaging for club and ball tracking and a radar for optimal ball speed and distance measurement. See below for the list of ultra precise data the iO captures:

Ball Data: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Hang Time, Height, Curve, Landing Angle, Carry, Side, Total, Side Total

Club Data (with added software subscription): Dynamic Loft, Face Angle, Impact Height, Impact Offset 

*Coming soon: Club Speed, Club Path, Face to Path

Trackman io Launch Monitor

Trackman iO Setup

Unlike the Trackman 4, the new Trackman iO uses a compact ceiling mounted design with an easy installation process. The Trackman iO was designed to be the best indoor golf solution featuring Trackman's state of the art technology and software.

One of the major features of the io is there are no minimum space requirements other than having enough room to swing a golf club. The Trackman iO also does not require any markers for the golf club or golf ball to track the data, ensuring a premium golf simulator experience.


Trackman iO Price

The Trackman iO golf simulator has a starting price of $13,995 USD, a huge price difference from the trackman 4 which has a starting price of $21,495 USD.

Trackman iO vs the competition

There are many ceiling mounted launch monitors in the market currently, from Uneekor to Foresight Sports, the iO has plenty of competition heading into the holiday season. The Trackman iO is a brand new launch monitor, meaning some of the information may not be available yet. So we put together a comparison sheet with what we do know so far! 

  Trackman iO EYE XO2 GCHawk
Price $13,995 $14,000 $19,500
Ball Data
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Hang Time
  • Height
  • Curve
  • Landing Angle
  • Carry
  • Total
  • Side Total
  • Back Spin

  • Side Spin 

  • Total Spin 

  • Spin Axis 

  • Ball Impact on Club Face

  • Ball Speed

  • Vertical and Horizontal Launch Angle

  • Total Spin & Spin Axis

  • Carry distance

Club Data
  • Yes (with add-on subscription)
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Face Angle
  • Impact Height
  • Impact Offset

Yes (with stickers)

  • Smash Factor
  • Club Speed
  • Club Path
  • Club Face Angle
  • Attack Angle
  • Club Loft Angle
  • Club Lie Angle
  • Impact Point Vertical
  • Impact Point Horizontal

Yes (with add on & stickers)

  • Club head speed and Smash Factor

  • Angle of attack

  • Loft at impact

  • Lie & face angle at impact

  • Impact location on the club face

Space Requirements Enough Room to swing a club 15' (W) x 10(H) x 15' (D) 15' (W) x 10.5(H) x 15' (D)
Software Trackman Software Uneekor & 3rd Party  FSX & Third Party