A man standing over and interacting with the Foresight FOCUS interface

Introducing the Foresight FOCUS

Learn all about the new artificial intelligence driven Club Tracing System from Foresight Sports. Using Projection Mapping Technology, The FOCUS System projects real-time club data directly to your hitting surface.




The FOCUS System delivers advanced AI-driven club tracing and enables instant visual feedback projected onto your hitting mat — letting you stay focused on where you swing your clubs. And no need to toggle a switch between irons and woods, because FOCUS uses AI-based club recognition technology to automatically distinguish between them. The ceiling mounted system with it's own optimized projector connects seamlessly with your Foresight Sports Launch Monitor to create a unique and interactive experience. 

What is a Club Tracing System?   

A golf club tracer system is a technology used in golf to analyze and visualize the impact and trajectory of a golf ball after it is struck by the club. This system typically employs advanced cameras and image processing software to track the movement and orientation of the club face at the moment of impact. By capturing high-speed footage of the swing and ball flight, the tracer system provides valuable insights into the golfer's technique and the behavior of the ball.

The key component of the system is its ability to precisely track the club face orientation during impact, allowing players and coaches to understand how the clubface aligns with the ball at the critical point of contact. This information can help golfers improve their consistency and accuracy by identifying issues such as misalignment or improper face angle.









Instant visual feedback powered by your Foresight Launch Monitor.


Shot results are visually represented onto the floor immediately after you hit, via the included projector. The FOCUS system seamlessly integrates with your Foresight Sports Launch Monitor, to ensure exact data measurements. The FOCUS System is compatible with the Foresight GCHawk, GCQuad and GC3 Launch Monitors.  



Optimized Projector

The FOCUS System comes bundled with an optimized projector for hitting surface display included, the FOCUS System offers a unique interactive experience to add-on to you Foresight Golf Simulator set-up. No more reviewing club data points on screen, because the golfer, coach, and club-fitter can instantly review critical clubhead data on the hitting surface after each swing.






 Club data come to life

The FOCUS System displays club tracking data that comes directly from your Foresight Sports Launch Monitor. FOCUS relays visually on your hitting surface several crucial club tracking data parameters such as Club Path, Zone Angle, Club Face Rotation, Club Face To Target, Club Face Angle and Club Head Acceleration. 

detailed shot of the FOCUS interface projected onto a hitting surface.








Ceiling-mounted. Easy to use.

FOCUS is a ceiling-mounted system and once professionally installed, no adjustments are necessary. Simply launch the FOCUS software on your computer, and FOCUS will recognize the ball on the hitting surface, while the AI technology automatically recognizes whether you are using a wood or an iron. 

Product image of the FOCUS System

What is included with the FOCUS System?   


Calibration Board

Top Cover


Power Supply


USB Cables (2)

Knurled Screws (2)