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Introducing the Uneekor Balance Optix Mat

Learn all about Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system that combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution cameras with the NEW Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution.

Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution cameras with the NEW Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution. When paired with your launch monitor ball / club tracking data, you’ll understand your performance like never before.

What is The Uneekor Balance Optix Mat?                                                                                                            

Uneekor introduces it first biomechanical golf training system. The Uneekor Balance Optix Mat helps you understand your golf swing like never before, from the ground up. This new perspective of game improvement starts at the foundation of your set-up, improves your balance, and builds an efficient weight transfer throughout the golf swing.  

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Uneekor Balance Optix from top
Uneekor Balance Optix from Angle
Uneekor Balance Optix from Side

Uneekor Performance Optix Package at the Indoor Golf Shop

Uneekor has changed the game with their Swing Optix Cameras, now they are releasing their balance optix to give golfers even more data to improve their golf game. The balance mat pairs effortlessly with the swing optix cameras and the Uneekor launch monitor of your choice with the View software from Uneekor. This package pairs the Uneekor Swing Optix cameras and the new Uneekor Balance Optix Mat.

Balance Optix Technology uses over 1100 sensors to measure weight distribution and how weight shifts laterally and vertically throughout your golf swing. Swing Optix cameras capture and display face-on and down-the-line swing views incrystal clear video. Performance Optix combines the two technologies to provide a real-time visual representation of your swing like never before.

What does the Uneekor Balance Optix do?

 Using the easy-to-read interface to plug and play, the Uneekor Balance Mat provides real-time images of your pressure points at set-up and your weight transfer through the swing via a heat sensor map. Swing the golf club from atop the Uneekor Balance Mat and you can analyze how you shift your weight from idle to the top of your backswing and downwards through impact to your follow through. The detail and precision that we’ve come to expect from Uneekor renders specific data geared towards your particular swing and body movements and superior results for your investment.     
In addition to the traditional club and ball data provided by Uneekor’s portfolio of products, the Balance Mat adds information on your center of pressure and the golfer’s use of vertical force to present a clear demonstration of the body’s movement through the golf swing, a vital factor in power and accuracy in a golf shot.

Uneekor Balance Optix Pressure Data
Biomechanical / Live Visuals / New Data

What’s in the technology?

 The Uneekor Balance Mat integrates with its View Software and can pair with their Swing Optix cameras to attain an entirely new viewpoint of the swing. The plug and play feature in this add-on product means there are no additional system requirements to adhere to. Once you’ve set up and installed your primary Uneekor launch monitor device according to its specifications, the Uneekor Balance Mat works seamlessly to provide the pertinent pressure, balance, and weight transfer data needed to analyze this aspect of your swing.

Example of Uneekor Performance Optix Data

Who should be using the Uneekor Balance Optix?

 The Uneekor Balance Mat is user-friendly enough to be purchased and used by the golfing consumer. If you’ve already made the investment in a Uneekor launch monitor, you’re serious enough about your game to add the Uneekor Balance Mat. Set-up and use are simple, and results are easy to read and understand.
However, with the reasonable price tag of the Uneekor Balance Mat, there will surely be a number of golf instructors adding it to their Uneekor family of teaching products. 
How Foot Pressure and Balance Can Improve Your Game
How the pressure at the bottom of your stance is distributed is important to a proper set-up, which sets the tone for everything that follows. Balance your weight from toe to heel, and once comfortable, start that backswing, transferring weight onto your right heel (for right-handed golfers). Lifting your right toe on the backswing is an indicator that your weight is back and not on your toes. This loading of weight onto your right side is gathering power to be exerted momentarily on the downswing, through impact and beyond. 
Having an efficient and effective weight transfer and controlling your foot pressure from set-up through follow-through will not only generate much-needed power in the golf swing, but will help your body turn and the direction from which your club approaches the ball for impact, affecting spin, direction, and accuracy. 
The improved balance and stability from the start is the foundation that all golfers need in their golf swings.    

Image of Uneekor Driving Range with Multiple Data Points