What's New?!?! Flightscope Mevo+2023 Launch Monitor

What's New?!?! Flightscope Mevo+2023 Launch Monitor

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

FlightScope Mevo+ has been one of the most popular launch monitors on the market, with exceptional portability and a price tag that many die-hard golfers can afford. After all, with some other big-name devices costing $10k-$20 to start, golfers have been flocking to the Mevo+ and its predecessor, Mevo, for their personal use and cost-conscious golf professionals are utilizing them in their instruction.

As the new year started, what better place to announce a new, updated Mevo+ device than the annual PGA Show in Orlando? That’s right – practicing with a purpose just got a step up, with some super upgrades and enhancement to the Mevo+.

Flightscope Mevo+2023

Let’s Talk About What’s New with the Mevo+2023!

Upgraded Kickstand

There’s a newly designed kickstand that extends to 12 degrees, ensuring setup at the FlightScope- recommended tilt angle. At The Indoor Golf Shop, we’re confident that this upgraded kickstand will enhance the user experience and improve accuracy and consistency of ball tracking.

Improved Battery Life

The battery life on the FlightScope Mevo+2023 has been extended by 50 percent from the two hour battery life of the original Mevo+. With three hours of battery life at your disposal, just think of how many more shots you can hit. It’s like getting an extra hour of daylight on the course every single day.

Added Course Options in the FlightScope E6 Connect Bundle

The new FlightScope E6 Connect bundle now comes with 10 golf courses for iOS and PC, four more than the original Mevo+. It’s time to diversify your course rotation and add some new landscapes to your Mevo+ experience.

New FlightScope PC Software is Included

New FlightScope PC software comes standard with the 2023 edition, and includes:

- FS GolfApp

- FS Skill App

- FS PC Software

Previous model Mevo+ users can purchase the FS Golf PC software for $99.

Mevo+2023 Pro Package Face Impact Location

New Face Impact Location Software

As if the data provided by FlightScope’s Mevo+ wasn’t extensive enough, you can now purchase the new Face Impact Location upgrade for your existing Mevo+ or the 2023 version. This new amenity provides the ball’s impact location off the face of the golf club.

It’s important to know, however, that you must have the Mevo+ Pro Package to purchase the Face Impact Location software. This is the perfect investment for golf coaches and instructors out there, as well as for serious players who seeks maximum feedback about his or her game, as they strive to close in on unattainable perfection.

Mevo+ - A History

Measure your numbers – Evaluate your game – Visualize your improvement – Optimize your performance

Not familiar with the Mevo+? Here’s what you need to know:

Released in 2020 as a follow-up to its predecessor, the Mevo, which was introduced in 2016, the Mevo+ enhanced the golfer experience by providing more shot data by tracking eight more data points than Mevo, including shot shape, an important feature that has many a golfer working on those draws and fades.

The Mevo+ is also a golf simulator, enabling golfers to see animated renditions of their golf shots on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. They can also play full rounds of golf, truly adding a special element to the portable virtual golf market.

Mevo+ allows golfers to test their skills by hitting a number of shots to different targets, with their performance being recorded and progress monitored as they repeat the task with each new practice session. Golfers can even tailor the session to their needs by choosing the shot distances that they struggle with the most.

The original Mevo is a fraction of the size of the Mevo+ and a quarter of its price at only $499. However, do your research and reach out to The Indoor Golf Shop sales specialists to get a more-detailed account of the similarities and differences between the Mevo and Mevo+.

Back to the 2023 FlightScope Mevo+

At $2,199, the Mevo+2023 is an excellent value for your golfing dollar. With all the data that you will derive from this convenient handheld device, you’ll be stepping up your game with each and every focused practice session. The changes made to the kickstand will truly improve the experience, along with the device’s accuracy.

In addition, there are add-ons that you can apply when investing in the FlightScope Mevo+2023. They include:

Mevo+ Pro Package

Face Impact Location for Mevo+ Pro Package

Mevo+2023 Ipad


In this video from the 2023 PGA Show, we hear from Daniel Fitzpatrick, Senior Sales Rep for Flightscope, describing and showing the new Mevo+2023

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