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The combination of affordability, durability, and performance make Big Moss putting and chipping greens a great option for the everyday recreational golfer. 

Putting greens by Big Moss are made in the USA, constructed out of 15 year indoor/outdoor rated putting turf, and designed to roll like bent grass thanks to Big Moss's built in True-Roll technology.

You will be amazed at how true your putts will roll, and with a stimpmeter rating of 11 these Big Moss putting greens will mirror what you expect out on the course.

Improve your putting and chipping game, score more, and lower your handicap by practicing with your very own Big Moss product.

Big Moss products are:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Favored by many PGA Professionals
  • Perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor Practice
  • Portable for home, office, or travel
  • Quickly and Easily setup
  • Nearly Indestructible construction 


Big Moss Is An All-In-One Short Game Training Aid

In addition to putting, Big Moss putting greens can also be used to practice your chipping, making them the ultimate indoor short game training aid.

Each putting green comes complete with:

  • Chipping mat
  • Chipping balls
  • Break snake.

The break snake is an accessory that you can place below the putting green to add undulation to the surface allowing you to practice putting on various contours.

Whether you want to practice those testy 5 foot left-to-righters, or are looking to dial in distance control on slippery downhill putts, the break snake is your tool to make that happen.

With the break snake you will be knocking in those snaking puts consistently and shaving strokes off your play. 

Big Moss Portability - Great For Your Home, Office, Or On The Go

Big Moss indoor putting greens are lightweight and portable, and can be setup in minutes, making them ideal for your home or office.

The nearly indestructible material is ideal for handling the potential of wear and tear in any location.

If you need to store the putting green after use, just roll it up and put it away until the next time. Big Moss putting surfaces are designed with wrinkle-free material, so you can rest easy knowing your putting green will be nice and level next time you unroll it.

To avoid any potential mishaps with storing, just be sure not to place anything to heavy on top of your rolled up green when storing it. This will allow you to avoid and prevent any permanent crimps on the Big Moss putting surface.



Durability & Performance Without Breaking The Bank

With a 5mm high density closed-cell foam backing these putting greens will last more than 10 years and hold up to abuse better than other indoor putting greens on the market.

Big Moss's versatility also allows these putting greens to be used outdoors in addition to indoors. For best results place them on a hard surface such as wood, tile, or concrete floors. However, they will also work well on carpeted flooring due to the thickness of the foam padding under the turf.

Big Moss Features:

  • Adjustable green speeds by vacuuming against the grain (8-11 Stimpmeter)
  • Over 20 models and sizes
  • Wrinkle-free, incredibly tough material
  • Starting at just $79 Big Moss provides big value
Many of these features you will not find in the market place so don't miss out on the value Big Moss supplies.

Short Game upgrade with Big Moss Putting Greens

Big Moss Greens are lightweight, easy to move, and affordable. They remove any excuse you can find to avoid practicing your short game.

  • True Roll Technology rolls like bent grass
  • Options to add chipping surface for complete short game practice
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED to set up!

Putting is precision. Build your focus and dial in accuracy with the Big Moss Michael Breed Focus Point Training Green or try this easy at-home drill with a full-size Big Moss Putting and Chipping Green.

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