Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Mats And Putting Greens

Golf Practice Mats and Indoor Putting Greens by Fiberbuilt - Complete With A 300,000 Shot Guarantee!

fiberbuilt golf mats


For years Fiberbuilt has been one of the leaders in golf practice mat and putting green solutions. Their products are known for their commercial grade build, proprietary Fiberbuilt grass, and exceptional performance.

The proprietary Fiberbuilt grass panels allow you to hit down and through at impact, simulating the result and feel of real fairway grass. The ability to hit down and through also helps prevent common injuries seen with other mats, such as turf shock. 

Fiberbuilt golf mats are a great option for your indoor golf simulator setup, as many performance tests have shown that Fiberbuilt grass provides the most accurate launch monitor and golf simulator readings compared to other mats in the space.

The Fiberbuilt Performance Technology

Fiberbuilt Grass is made from a special blend of monofilaments engineered for strength and durability. UV inhibitors in the low-friction nylon fibers prevent fade from the elements. The club-turf interaction of Fiberbuilt mats has been studied and proven to:

  • Withstand over 300,000 swings before beginning to show wear
  • Avoid grabbing or twisting the club on iron swings but still allow smooth sweeping contact with woods and hybrids
  • Most closely replicate the performance of real fairway grass
  • Allow for accurate launch angle and ball spin without creating club head bounce

By contrast, conventional turf mats are thinner and, therefore, harder, causing them to show significant wear by 10,000 swings and to increase injury potential from “turf shock.”


Fiberbuilt's Stronger Base

Another unique feature of the Fiberbuilt hitting mats is their rubber base.

Their mats have a unique modular design that features a strong rubber frame with interlocking inserts in between. This provides better stability, shock absorption, and most importantly a more comfortable footing.

Overall, the combination of their proprietary hitting surface and the strength of the frame make this one of the top practice mats on the market.

It is one of the more popular solutions amongst our customers who are looking to create indoor simulators at home.

Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Mat Options

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station

This is Fiberbuilt's newest addition to their lineup. The Practice Station combines the oval shaped Flight Deck with a high traction stance mat that has an integrated ball tray and is full of training components. At $399.99 it is Fiberbuilt's best value golf mat system. 

The Flight Deck is constructed with genuine Fiberbuilt Grass for realistic impact conditions and ball flight. Molded alignment guides in the stance mat combine with slots for included rods to help guide ball position, alignment, and swing path and help prevent swaying in the swing. 

Fiberbuilt Indoor Putting Green Features

Fiberbuilt also has a great selection of indoor putting greens to choose from.

They are built with the same rubber frame with interlocking sections, which makes them extremely durable and comfortable to stand on. Their turf runs at a speed of 9 on the stimpmeter, which is close to most course conditions golfers will face. Additionally, you're able to practice chipping on Fiberbuilt's putting greens. You'll even be surprised to see realistic check and roll on your chips, giving you the same kind of response one would expect from chipping on a real green out on the course.

The video to the left gives you a better look at some of their features 

Fiberbuilt Indoor Putting Green Options

When it comes to hitting mats and putting greens, Fiberbuilt is one of the most trusted names in the golf industry. Golfers who are looking for commercial-grade quality without completely breaking the bank should consider their products. Whether you are building a home simulator, or just looking to practice outside into a hitting net, there are plenty of options available.

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