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A golf mat is a key piece of any proper golf simulator or home practice area configuration. A great mat will simulate golf course conditions, reduce joint fatigue and injury potential, and (obviously) protect your lawn or floor.

Durability is one of the biggest factors in choosing a mat. While you can buy a hitting surface for less than $100, few, if any, of those mats will last for even one entire season.

At Shop Indoor Golf, we make sure that we stock the best brands in the industry, so you can focus on practicing and playing golf instead of constantly replacing worn out mats.

When choosing the right golf mat for you, consider these factors:
  • Performance - Does it have a realistic feel?
  • Durability - How long will it last and is it guaranteed?
  • Space - What size fits where you will put it? Will you need to put it away after each use?
  • Portability Needs - Do you want to take it to the range or the office or will it stay in your home practice area?
  • Budget - It has to work for you.
  • Injury risk - The better quality mats will actually significantly lower your risk of “golfer’s elbow” by reducing club head bounce.
Golf Mats For Sale

Performance Golf Mats for Improving Your Strike

If performance and durability top your list of must-have features, then a commercial-grade Fiberbuilt or TrueStrike mat is the way to go. Both brands are engineered to reduce strain on your joints to prevent injury, and both use specific technology to allow a realistic golf swing and offer realistic feedback.

These mats won’t hide a bad strike! They might be bad for your ego, but they are very good for building your skills.

The difference between the two really comes down to personal preference. TrueStrike mats will feel slightly firmer under foot than Fiberbuilt mats, but Fiberbuilt grass fibers allow the ball to "stand up" so the club can glide underneath more like it would real grass.


Fiberbuilt’s proprietary grass fibers rest on a strong rubber base that allows for a comfortable, natural stance and a true “down and through” swing. Performance tests show that it replicates the performance of fairway grass more closely than any other mat tested.

Fiberbuilt mats are preferred by many of the top golf clubs, club fitters, and teaching pros in the world, and why wouldn't they be? The company guarantees their mats will hold up for over 300,000 swings!

Furthermore, Fiberbuilt Golf Mats assemble quickly and WITHOUT TOOLS. We offer several sizes that are perfect for a permanent practice or simulator installation, as well as the more mobile Fiberbuilt Practice Station.

TrueStrike Golf Mats offer many of the same benefits as Fiberbuilt - injury prevention, modular construction, no club bounce at impact - but with different technology and a slightly different feel.

Instead of focusing on smooth-gliding grass, TrueStrike achieves hitting comfort and realistic feedback with a silicon gel layer under the strike surface. This increases the amount of "give" as your club makes contact with the surface, mimicking the feel of taking a divot from a fairway and minimizing the amount of vibration and shock to the club.

Possibly the most impressive point about any TrueStrike Golf Mat is that when launch angle and spin rate were tested, they measured within 3% of shots hit off natural fairway.

The TrueStrike Static Golf Mat is the perfect size for your indoor Golf Simulator or for hitting your irons into a net. The TrueStrike Single Golf Mat is better if you want to hit your irons and woods as it has enough length for using a driver. If you have both righties and lefties using the mat, then the Academy Golf Mat or Double Golf Mat would be more appropriate. Keep in mind, though, that because of the modular design, you can add or move around a section on any TrueStrike model.

Flexible and Mobile Golf Mat Options

If you are using a flex space, such as a living room or garage, that won’t allow a heavy duty, permanent mat, the Cimarron Premier Golf Mat and The Net Return Pro roll up like a carpet for quick and easy storage. 

The 5’x5’ Cimarron Premier Golf Mat is built with commercial grade woven nylon on a 5/8” closed-cell ensolite foam backing. It comes with pre-cut rubber tee holes and one rubber tee, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The 6’ W x 10’ L Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat was designed with the idea of providing a surface for continuation of automatic ball return from The Net Return Pro Series Net (although you can use it with any net).

It has exceptional durability, allowing you to hit any club - driver through putter - on the mat. It is also appropriate for indoor or outdoor use…or both!

The Net Return Pro Turf

The Portable, Rugged FairwayPro Divot Simulator

With the very appropriate tagline “Ultimate Divot Simulator,” the FairwayPro is the most portable mat on the market and reacts the most like natural turf. Its patented design features a sliding turf tray that allows ball flight to be affected the same way it would if you were hitting on grass. 

It weighs only 10 lbs. and features:

  • Replaceable premium turf that accepts a wooden tee
  • Sliding turf tray that moves forward at impact, reducing wear to the turf and shock to the golfer’s body
  • Cover panel and carry handle can be oriented for right-handed or left-handed hitters
  • Movement of turf tray offers true feedback
  • Incredible durability, made with aircraft aluminum and other hard-to-hurt materials

Because of the club bounce caused by traditional mats, fat shots will often look better than they were actually hit.

The FairwayPro keeps your practice honest. Since the hitting surface starts moving immediately upon impact, just like natural turf does, it will not let you get away with mishits.

    The Superior Short Game Practice Mat

    The Big Moss High Impact Golf Mat is the perfect option for chipping and pitching.  It is an ideal add-on to a Big Moss putting green for realistic feedback on short game work, while also allowing for full swings with a proper descending blow. 

    • Available in 4’x5’ or 5’x5’ sizes
    • The ball sits higher on 1” dual nylon fibers woven into a 3/4” foam base
    • Club won’t bounce at impact and fibers will supply proper divot simulation
    • Tee holes on both ends for right- and left-handed golfers

    Use Your Golf Practice Mat To Get “The Perfect Strike”

    Your Practice Mat can help you fine tune your Iron play. Yet sometimes it can be hard to see that pure strike without seeing that divot fly to reassure us.  Well, use this drill to improve that pure strike ability on your Irons with your mat today.

    This drill will help you to improve:

    • That perfect strike zone
    • Eliminate heavy or fat shots
    • Create that muscle memory of hitting behind the ball

    Check out the drill here and start improving your Iron play and creating that Perfect Strike on your Golf Mat.


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