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Creating your own home Golf Simulator setup can be an exciting time.  Getting the proper and quality golf simulator screen is an absolute critical piece of that setup.

Some key features you will need to consider in choosing the correct Golf Simulator Screen are the following:

  • Image quality - How bright will your projector display on your screen
  • Screen Size - How large is your simulator space and set up area
  • Life Span - Quality screen material for longevity of use
  • Bounceback - Control on shot bounceback
  • Flexibility - Do you need to be able to retract or move your screen easily

Choosing the proper Golf Simulator screen will improve your enjoyment of your golf simulator set up.  Giving you that realistic lifelike quality of golf play while in the comfort of your confines.

We at Shop Indoor Golf have multiple options to choose for your golf simulator screen.  Let us help you choose the correct size and style that is optimal for your arrangement.

Golf Simulator Screens

The Net Return Simulator Series

The Net Return brand 

The Net Return brand delivers again with handcrafted, made in the USA, premium golf simulator screens. These screens feature unmatched durability; crisp, clear images; and super easy setup.

You can get a screen as an add-on accessory for your Home Series or Pro Series Net Return, or as an all-in-one package with the Net Return Simulator Series Net.

The manufacturer advises using an iron on medium heat setting or a steamer after hanging it to easily remove the wrinkles in the material from shipping. This bright white, high quality polyester fabric offers an excellent picture.

If you take care to handle it with clean hands to avoid smudges and do not use scratched or damage balls, you will enjoy the clear picture and appreciate the durability for years.

Retractable Screen for Your Multi-Purpose Room

A standout in the world of Indoor Golf, the HomeCourse retractable golf screen is built for safety, convenience, and room flexibility. While a dedicated indoor golf room would be awesome, it’s safe to say that most people don’t want to move or remodel to create one.

With the HomeCourse screen, any room with enough space to swing your club can be a golf room.

Features include:

  • Retracts or extends in less than 30 seconds at the push of a button
  • Ballistic grade screen protects everything behind it and flexes to generate ball return instead of bounceback
  • Pro Arms and Sky Net offer additional protection just in case
  • Wireless - lithium ion battery only requires charging twice per year. Projectable. Affordable.

Your HomeCourse screen includes a Ceiling Mount Kit, or you can add the optional Wall Mount Kit if that fits your space better.  There truly is not a more flexible or convenient setup to create an indoor golf space in your home.

You can literally hit the button to open the screen, and by the time you get off the couch, grab any real golf ball and your club, the screen is down. Open the Pro Arms, unroll a mat, and hit away!

Cimarron Golf Screen

Budget Friendly Golf Screen

If cost is a major factor in your simulator set up then the Cimarron Sports Simulator Screen is for you.

Your Cimarron Simulator Screen is a product that is thicker and tougher than a normal baffle but will also need to be installed or attached to an existing netting system.

The Cimarron Simulator Screens can be used for:

  • Projector screen
  • Baffle net
  • Impact net

The Cimarron Impact Screen comes with 100% commercial Polyester netting for longer life use. Besides the high durability, this fabric provides the right thickness and whiteness for great simulator projection without any unnecessary weight.

Cimarron Impact Screens also provide an ideal option for the DIYer. With a few sizes to choose from, you will be able to find one that will fit in your desired location and simulator set up.



Looking for a Golf Simulator Screen? Here at Shop Indoor Golf we have several golf simulator impact screens to choose from.

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