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Best Golf Simulators for Home

This page features a collection of our best golf simulators for home. This page features a collection of our best golf simulators for your own home.

We've created in home golf simulator packages, designed so you can play golf in the comfort of your own home. Our packages pair launch monitor technology from trusted golf simulator brands with our SIG Enclosure Studios. Our Studios include the golf impact screen, projector, projector ceiling mount, hitting mat, landing pad, and the frame kit. A few things to think about before looking at golf simulator packages for your home are space, budget, and what you will be using the golf simulator for.

Our new home golf simulator room builder makes it easy for you to create, customize, and purchase a golf simulator package that is perfect for your space!

How Much Space Do you Have?

For space, are you putting this in a spare room or garage? Besides measuring your space, it is also important for you to take a golf swing with your longest golf club in your bag. The club path needs to have enough clearance to not hit the ceiling or surrounding walls.

How much does a golf simulator cost

Our golf simulator enclosure studios include everything you need to play indoor golf. If you are looking for a full size setup you will have to spend a bit more. The packages we have in this collection range from $5k-$20k with plenty of options to upgrade.

Game Improvement Vs Entertainment

One of the perks of owning your own golf simulator is that you can use it to improve your golf performance or you can use it to play virtual golf courses. The best golf simulator packages help you to improve your golf game while also use golf simulation software to entertain. The golf launch monitor that you select plays a huge role in the software and data tracking capabilities.

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Packages

Skytrak offers our most popular golf simulator package, SkyTrak+ SIG10. This package includes the Skytrak+ launch monitor which has several major improvements over its predecessor, the Skytrak. However, the original Skytrak is still an impressive launch monitor and is great for a more budget friendly package, such as the Skytrak SIG10.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator For Home

SkyTrak currently has 2 launch monitors that we have paired for the ultimate home golf simulator package. The Original SkyTrak Launch Monitor is a photometric unit designed for indoor use. The SkyTrak+ is an new unit from SkyTrak that allows outdoor use on a mat and gives insights into club data.

The SkyTrak & SkyTrak+ are both subscription based for SkyTrak software and 3rd party software you could purchase separately. The SkyTrak software available is broken into 3 subscriptions - Basic, Game Improvement, and Play & Improve. The practice range featured in the new SkyTrak+ allows you to see ball flight, ball data, carry distance, total distance, spin rates, and even club data!  

Our Best Home Golf Simulator Package is the SkyTrak+ SIG10. Featuring the SkyTrak+, 1 Year of Play & Improve Software, the protective case, and a full SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio. 

Trackman Home Golf Simulator Packages

Trackman recently entered the overhead launch monitor space with the Trackman IO. The IO stands for Indoor Optimized - making it one of the best home golf simulators!

Trackman Golf Simulator For Home

The Trackman IO Launch Monitor was designed for indoor golf simulation, for residential or commercial spaces. One of the features that makes the IO the best for a home simulator is the Trackman Software that is included. 

The Home Edition of the IO and the Complete edition both come free for 1 year, giving you access to simulated courses, games, ranges, and data analysis. 

The Trackman IO SIG12 and SIG10 Packages are two of the best home golf simulators we have! The Trackman IO SIG12 Golf Simulator is our largest home golf simulator featuring the SIG12 Golf Simulator Studio. 

Foresight Sports Home Golf Simulator Packages

Foresight Sports has multiple launch monitor units that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The best indoor units from Foresight Sports are the GC3 and the New  Foresight Falcon.

Foresight Sports Golf Simulator For Home

The Foresight Sports GC3 and Foresight Falcon include a full suite of golf simulation software, perfect for home golf simulators. Through foresight sports, you gain access to the FSX Suite of Software, 25 Virtual Courses and unmatched data accuracy. 

The GC3 is a portable launch monitor unit while the Foresight Falcon is a ceiling mounted unit and is perfect for a home golf simulator setup.

We recommend the GC3 SIG10 Golf Simulator Package for golfers looking for a unit they can have indoors and out. We recommend the SIG10 Foresight Falcon for golfers that want a ceiling mounted solution for the best golf simulator experience for their home. 


Uneekor Home Golf Simulator Packages

Uneekor has some of the best home golf simulator launch monitors. Uneekor made their name on the EYE XO and QED Ceiling mounted launch monitors. Their recent release of the Uneekor EYE XO2 and gameday software has helped create some of the best home golf simulator experiences.

Uneekor Golf Simulator For Home

Uneekor's ceiling mounted and floor based launch monitors are perfect for a home golf simulator. The ceiling mounted units allow for ease of play and are safe from any clubs, balls, and tees. 

The EYE XO2 includes the Performance Optix pack from Uneekor. The performance optix includes swing optix cameras and the balance optix mat that shows your weight transfer through your swing. 

Uneekor launch monitors easily integrate with multiple software partners with their subscription based membership. 

For a home golf simulator setup, we recommend the Uneekor EYE XO2 or EYE XO SIG12 Golf Simulator Packages. Perfect for a large home golf simulator room!