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Retractable Golf Simulator Screen by HomeCourse Golf



With the push of a button, the HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen transforms any space into your very own home golf simulator room or indoor driving range. The best part? Once you're done using the HomeCourse, push the button again and it retracts returning your space back to its original form. 

The screen's ability to retract makes the HomeCourse a popular choice for those without a dedicated space for their indoor golf setup. Golfers can now enjoy the added flexibility of a retractable screen without sacrificing in performance. 

Each HomeCourse Pro net is built using ballistic grade material. Additionally the screen has built in side barriers, called Pro Arms and Sky Netting, which extend out from the screen shielding the rest of your space from any errant shots or sh**nks.

HomeCourse Pro Net Features


HomeCourse Screen Enclosure Protects You & Your Surroundings

The HomeCourse comes equipped with Sky Netting and Pro Arms that extend out from the screen creating a full enclosure.

These built in side barriers help contain errant shots - protecting you, friends and family, your space and everything in it.

The Pro Arm extender tool, which you will use to pull out each side barrier, is included with each HomeCourse Pro Net purchase.  

Built Tough With Ballistic Grade Materials

The HomeCourse Pro Screen is made up of ballistic grade materials specifically engineered to absorb the impact of the hardest hit golf balls at close range.

This combination of build materials translates into an ultra durable screen with a longer than average lifespan compared to other similar screens on the market.

Additionally, the floating screen design flexes at the bottom allowing your ball to roll back to you after impact, eliminating the "bounce back" effect common with other golf simulator screens.  



Retractable For Added Flexibility

The ability to retract is the differentiator with the HomeCourse. For those looking to get their space back after getting some swings in, there is no better option.

Click the button on the included wireless remote, and in less than thirty seconds you'll convert any room to and from a virtual golf environment.

Perfect for those golfers without a dedicated space, or that have to share their space with other members of the family.  

Projectable For a Realistic Golf Simulation Experience

The HomeCourse pro screen can be used with any projector and golf simulator.

It's important to note that the HomeCourse does not come with a built in projector mount kit however. Mounting the projector from the ceiling is always an option, but a popular alternative is to utilize our Projector Floor Mount Enclosure.

The Projector Shield rests on the ground and provides the same flexibility as the HomeCourse, in that it allows you to return your space back to its original form after each use.   


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