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Everyone knows the saying “Drive for show, PUTT FOR DOUGH.”  Well, if you follow your golf game at all, you’ll see it holds very true.

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching the green in regulation only to 3 putt and have it all be for naught.

If you are tired of 3-putts then let us at Shop Indoor Golf help you choose the right putting green to help you lower your score.

Your new putting green surface can help you with different parts of your stoke.  Practicing on your putting green surface can help you:

  • Create a routine or rhythm for your putts
  • Find a consistent pace
  • Diagnose if you have a tendency to pull or push the ball
  • Determine if your club face is properly square
  • And most importantly make more putts! 

Whether you want something for the down time in your office or you want to make it an addition to your home, we can help you find that perfect solution to start shaving strokes off your game.

Golf Putting Greens For Sale

Tour Links Golf Putting Green

Industry Tested Putting Greens

If you are looking for a product that is widely industry approved and used then we have what you are looking for. Tour Links Putting Greens definitely have the stamp of approval from the Golf Industry and professionals.

You can find Tour Links Greens installed and used at many Universities and Businesses.  Here is a list of just a few:

  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • Notre Dame
  • Virginia Tech
  • Princeton University

Not only can you find Tour Links at the above locations, Tour Links is also used by many of the best in the golf business: Taylomade, Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, & many more!  Tour Links will exceed your expectations in quality and simplicity to set up.

Golf Putting Greens for Focused Training

There are many types of putting greens on the market in many shapes, sizes, and forms.  One type becoming popular in the short game world of practice greens is Training Greens - products that are focused on improving a specific part of your putting game.

A great couple products for doing just this are the Big Moss Michael Breed Focus Point Training Green and the Michael Breed Birdie Path Training Green.

Both of these training greens will help you improve your stroke path and face angle. This will allow you to diagnose and improve your putting stroke with face angle consistency and speed consistency.

If you're looking to train your putting stroke with specific tempo and face angle you can go wrong with either of these putting training tools.

Big Moss Focus Point

Fiberbuilt Golf Putting Green

Quality for Your Short Game

One of the best known and best respected reputations in synthetic golf surfaces is that of Fiberbuilt Golf. Fiberbuilt provides high quality products with true to life feel and sounds.

All Fiberbuilt putting greens are constructed with commercial grade materials. All Fiberbuilt Greens deliver a true, natural roll with a superior feel under your feet. The addition of metal cups give you that real, authentic sound.

Fiberbuilt provides a simpler green system in multiple rectangle and square options, but if you have the space, your Fiberbuilt putting green will give you a real feel and a great putting experience.

Fiberbuilt has multiple sizes and types of mats to choose from.  One of our favorites to add to your at-home golf game is the Fiberbuilt 10' x 10' Combo Mat.

If you are looking to improve your putting game but are also looking at adding a net setup or you already have one, then take a look into Fiberbuilt's combo mat. It definitely provides the best of both tools.

Putting Drills For Your Putting Green

There are many putting drills you can use to maximize the use of your putting green. Not only will you use it more while practicing these drills but you will enjoy it and see improvements both on your putting green and on the course with your golf game.

Many or all of these drills or games will improve and perfect your game. Let's highlight one of the drills that you can use to enjoy your putting green, the clock drill.

The clock drill is a routine used and perfected by Phil Mickelson. Putting is about tempo and consistency. If you can be consistent in both those areas then you will start to see increased percentage of made putts and, most importantly, lower scores!


Want to practice your putting 24/7 at home? Now you can with one of our indoor putting greens. We have the largest selection at the best prices from top manufacturers like Fiberbuilt, Tour Links, and Big Moss.

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