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The Net Return Golf Nets, Mats & Simulator Screens - Home Of The 250,000 Swing Warranty!

The Net Return is one of the most popular products we sell at Shop Indoor Golf.

These elite golf practice nets offer a level of quality and performance above any other product currently on the market. 

When this product came out in 2012 the golf industry was taken by storm by a quality of indoor golf nets that had yet to exist on the market!

The fact that these nets are Made In The USA with a 250,000 Shot Guarantee is something that no one else on the market can match!

If you want to practice your golf game at home, and want to build a simulator, their products are a great option.

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Features:

  • Can Withstand 250,000 Golf Swings
  • Can Handle Ball Speeds Up To 225 MPH
  • Can Be Used Indoor Or Outdoors
  • Setup or Take Down In 5 Mins Or Less
  • Allows You To Hit Closer To Net Saving Space Indoors
  • Automatically Returns The Ball To You
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made In USA

The Net Return Pro Series V2:

The Pro Series V2 is the best selling and flagship product offered by The Net Return. It can withstand ball speeds up to 225 MPH and carries a 250,000 shot guarantee.

For those who have space in their house, it makes it an optimal choice for a simulator package. Here are dimensions of the unit:

  • Height: 7' 6"
  • Width: 8'
  • Depth: 3' 6"

Take a look at the other durable golf nets The Net Return offers below:

net return pro series dimensions

The Net Return Golf Nets

The Net Return Mini Pro Series

The Mini Pro Series is a great option for golfers who are a little short on space. This net has all of the features of the Pro Series but in a slightly smaller package.

Here are the dimensions:

  • Height: 6'
  • Width: 5'
  • Depth: 3' 6"

This is a perfect options for those who still want the best golf net on the market but are simply lacking the space to put the bigger units indoors. 

While this is a great size / height for kids; adults can use this golf net with ease!

The Mini Pro series retails for $495, and also comes with a 250,000 shot guarantee. 


mini pro package

The Net Return Golf Mats

The Net Return Golf Mats are incredibly unique. Check out a few of those features below:

  • 10ft Long For All Hitting Mats
    • Allows for the ball to return after swinging unlike other mat options
  • Extra Length Allows You To Swing Comfortably
  • Perfect For Any Indoor / Outdoor Hitting Environment
  • Incredibly Durable
  • Can Easily Be Rolled Up Or Placed On The Side To Change The Rooms Function (Golf Training Room Into Guest Room In Minutes!)
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Net Return Pro Turf Mat:

  • Our Most Popular Golf Mat
  • Can Be Used Indoor or Outdoors
  • Putting Green Stimpmeter Speed Rating = 10
  • Weight = 50 pounds
  • Dimensions = 6' Wide x 10' Long
The Net Return Pro Turf Mat

 The Net Return Platinum Golf Turf Mat

  • The Newest Golf Mat From Net Return
  • Provides Continuous Ball Return
  • Built With FiberBuilt Golf Mats (Good For 200,000+ Swings)
  • Integrated Putting Green
    • Green Rolls At A Stimpmeter Rating = 10 - 11
  • Weight = 
Platinum Golf Turf Specs:
  • 4' x 7' Platinum Turf Mat
  • 3' x 8' Platinum Putting Green / Ball Return

The Net Return Golf Net & Golf Mat Packages

 The Net Return - Mini Pro Series Package

The Best Space Conscious Net Return Package

  • Mini Pro Series Sport Net and Frame
  • 6' x 10' Hitting Turf (With Padding)
  • Can Be Used As Putting Surface
  • Continuous Ball Return
  • Side Barriers (Pair)
  • 2 Rubber Tee's
    • 1.75" and 2.25"
  • Sandbags (4)
  • Duffle Bag
  • Mini Pro Series Package Specs: 6'H x 5'W x 10'L

The Net Return - Runner Package

The Net Return Runner Package

The "Compact" Multi-Sport Net Return Package

  • Pro Series Net - Aluminum Frame, Green Sleeve Net
  • 250,000 Shot Guarantee
  • 3'W x 9'L Runner Turf With Padding
  • Can Be Used As Putting Surface
  • Side Barriers (Pair)
  • Sandbags (4)
  • Rubber Tees (2)
    • 1.75" and 2.25"
  • Rugged, Black Duffle Bag
  • Runner Package Specs = 7'6"H x 8'W x 9'L

The Net Return Golf Simulator Screens (Add-Ons)

The Net Return Golf Simulator Packages (No Projectors)

SkyTrak Silver Training Package:

The rest of these Net Return options will be fully built packages so you can literally purchase EVERYTHING you need to work on your golf game. 

Our Silver Training Package Includes:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor (Golf Digest Award Winner 2017 & 2018)
  • SkyTrak Game Improvement Software
    • Practice Range
    • Bag Mapping
    • Longest Drive Challenge
    • Closest To Pin Challenge
    • Skills Assessment Feature
    • Multi-player (Up To 6 Players)
  • SkyTrak Metal Protective Case
  • The Net Return Home Series (Upgrade To Pro Series For $100)
  • The Net Return Pro Golf Turf
  • Ability To Connect To iOS, PC or TV To See Shot Results
    • Upgraded WGT Course Play Only Works On iOS
SkyTrak Gold Training Package

The Net Return Simulator Series

While some of the attachable simulator screens are nice and do the trick; they simply cannot compare to the Simulator Series option we offer. 

The Net Return Simulator Series is the best value on the MARKET for installing your very own golf simulator system & screen within your home. 

The Simulator Series features a "floating design" which eliminates the bounce back from hard shots that you sometimes get with lesser screen options. 

Where this simulator screen really shines is the optional projector mount kit which allows you to set up your short throw projector (for all of our packages we use Optoma Projectors) directly to your simulator screen!

This keeps the projector safe and out of the way while using your golf simulator; without having to drill ANY holes. 

This Simulator Screen System is 100% portable and able to move around as needed!

Below are the following Golf Simulator Packages Offered With This Screen:

The Net Return Simulator Series

All of these packages below are 100% turn key. They come with various golf launch monitors, premium golf mats to hit from, the net return simulator series screen, the projector mount kit and even the projector itself. Everything you need to create your deluxe home golf simulator setup is right here:

You can see all of our Entertainment Packages or our Training Packages or even our Flex Space Package if you haven't found what you are looking for yet!

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