True Strike Golf Mats For Sale

True Strike Golf Practice Hitting Mats

Looking for a golf mat for your home golf simulator setup? Try one of the best selling golf mats on the market with brand new technology that makes "hitting off a mat" no longer a negative!

True Strike Golf Mats have a brand new technology that allows you to FEEL as though you are hitting off of a fairway. With a gel based layer underneath the turf you are hitting off of, this golf mat mimics you taking a divot from the fairway unlike any other golf mat on the market!

True Strike Indoor Practice Mats are good for over 55,000 swings so whether you need it for a residential or commercial use; you know you are getting a high quality product with new divot like technology to help improve your game!

Here at Shop Indoor Golf, we have a large selection of the best selling True Strike golf mats for at the lowest prices and free shipping!

True Strike Golf Mats Benefits:

  • Ability to hit Down & Through the Golf Ball: 
    • This allows you to get a much more "realistic" swing and feel on the golf ball when hitting off a mat. Almost feels like you are hitting on a fairway!
  • No More Bouncing Into Golf Shots:
    • The Gel-Like pad underneath the turf creates a more realistic interaction with the ground on a bad swing. Instead of bouncing into swings like you do on regular mats; a bad swing is penalized on True Strike golf mats giving you much more valuable feedback!
  • Adjustable Tees:
    • True Strike Golf Mats actually encourage its users to use real tees right into the mat. 
  • Durable and Cost Effective:
    • True Strike Golf Mats can take over 55,000 swings. What makes them even better is if you wear out a section of the mat, replace just that section; NOT THE ENTIRE MAT!!!

Take a look at a few of the amazing True Strike Golf Mat Offers we have below. We are positive we have got something that will fit your exact need!


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