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The QED and the EYEXO are two of the most advanced launch monitors on the market.

The QED Launch Monitor uses highspeed cameras and RF tracking to truly give you some of the best data available in the launch monitor market to date. For Under $8,000 you wont find another ceiling mounted launch monitor like this one.
QED Launch Monitor


The Uneekor EYEXO uses high speed cameras to track both the ball and you club to truly give you an upper hand on your game.

The EYEXO is a ceiling mounted system that uses Validated Photographic Technology to provide actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot.

Truly best in class, this launch monitor is mounted to the ceiling and can be used seamlessly by both right handed and left handed players.

We have something for everyone here at Shop Indoor Golf, from the standalone Uneekor's to our complete golf simulator packages, which is why we created the options below.

EYEXO Golf Simulators

Premium All Inclusive Options

EYEXO Launch Monitor

Standalone Unit

QED Golf Simulators

Premium All Inclusive Options

QED Launch Monitor

Standalone Unit

Uneekor EYEXO Golf Simulators - Premium Options 

Uneekor QED Golf Simulators - Premium Options 

Our premium Uneekor golf simulators are all-inclusive packages. Each one of these packages includes:

Uneekor Launch Monitor

Uneekor Simulation Software

Enclosure & Screen

HD 1080P Projector

Golf Hitting Mat

Side Barrier Netting

Ceiling Mount

Landing Pad Turf

Uneekor EYEXO - Standalone Launch Monitor

EYEXO Launch Monitor

Uneekor EYEXO is one of the best launch monitors on the market. The EYEXO provides best in class club and ball data. 

What's Included:

  • Uneekor EYEXO Launch Monitor
  • Uneekor VIEW Simulation Software
  • Easy Install Mounting Bracket
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • VIEW base-level simulator software embedded featuring Ball, Club, and Swing OptixTM
  • Non-Marking ball technology allows the use of any golf ball
  • Premium cloud services with email and on-line chat functions 
EYEXO Launch Monitor

Uneekor QED - Standalone Launch Monitor

Uneekor QED Monitor

Uneekor QED is one of the best launch monitors available for under $8,000. 

What's Included:

  • Uneekor QED Golf Launch Monitor
  • Easy installation with the included bracket
  • Uneekor Simulation Software
  • Two dozen marked balls Included ($30 value)


  • Overhead type, hi-speed camera-based launch monitor
  • Advanced Ball and Club data measured in real-time
  • 1 year limited warranty
QED Launch Monitor

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