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Golf Hitting Nets: The Best Models for Home Practice Reviewed


If you are looking to practice your golf game at home, ensuring you have the right golf net is an important piece of the puzzle. There are options available at many price points, all with varying levels of quality that will affect your experience.

The main factors that will vary across the different golf net options are durability and performance.

As one would imagine, some of the cheaper models will not return the ball automatically after impact, and due to the inferior nature of the netting they won't last as long either.

Additionally, many golfers often complain of poor workmanship and build quality. 

So while it is possible to purchase a golf net for less than $100, many golfers quickly realize that they did get what they paid for (which wasn't much).

At Shop Indoor Golf, we make sure to stock the best golf net models by the top brands. If you're looking to get a practice net that will last longer and make your life easier, then it is worth investing more.

In the following sections we'll share what we feel are the best golf practice net options, taking a look at the top brands and the pros/cons for each.


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For more information about golf practice nets, i.e. exploring several important considerations, be sure to check out the Buyers Guide at the bottom of the page.

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Best Golf Practice Net Overall

Pro Series V2 Golf Net

pro series v2 golf net - best overall golf net

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net is our best selling unit, and our pick for the best golf net overall.

The Net Return has been one of the industry's top golf nets ever since it officially launched at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show.

Initially geared towards the golf industry, The Net Return continued to develop their training nets to encompass several sports including football, soccer, and baseball.

In fact if you happen to catch an NFL game, take a look at the kicker practicing on the sidelines - chances are he's kicking into one of Net Return's nets. 

The Pro Series is one of our larger models with dimensions of 7'6"H x 8'W x 3'6"D. The unique "S" shaped frame allows for automatic ball return upon impact, which is the brand's unique value proposition.

The netting is made of a heavyweight polyester that allows for a stronger and more durable solution, compared to the traditional nylon found in most other hitting nets. The Net Return provides a 250,000 shot guarantee on each unit.

Lightweight tubular aluminum is used for the frame, which in conjunction with Net Return's quick color connect system, allows for quick setup and breakdown. The color coded tubes make it so easy to assemble that a single person can put the Pro Series together in as little as 5 minutes. 

Best Golf Practice Net Reviews

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Hitting Net

"Broke down and spent the money on this net and it's been money well spent. I have it set up in my garage and hit off a mat, and have literally hit thousands of balls into it. You won't have to go to the range anymore once owning it, the feedback from the net lets you know if you've hit a slice or a hook by the way it spins coming off of the netting, and the ball comes back to you after each shot, so only one ball is needed. It allows you to practice hitting the clubs you struggle with, and I can honestly say my handicap is better because of it." – Gene R. Verified Buyer

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Best Indoor Golf Net

Mini Pro Series Golf Net

mini pro series net by the net return

When looking for a golf net to use indoors, two of the more important considerations are size & portability.

Odds are you don't have a dedicated space & will need something small and lightweight that can easily be set up and taken down.

Enter the Mini Pro Series Golf Net. It is one of our more versatile golf nets, and our choice for the best indoor practice golf net

A little brother to the larger Pro Series model, the Mini Pro Series measures 6'H x 5'W x 3'6"D and weighs just 22 lbs., making it one of our smaller golf nets for sale.

It's important to note that while you would be sacrificing size, you are not giving up any sort of performance capabilities or features in the Mini Pro Series net.

This golf net is manufactured using the same high quality materials as the Pro Series V2, and includes the same one-year warranty and 250,000 shot guarantee.

It is also compatible with the mini pro side barriers, which ensure that any miss-hit golf balls never leave the hitting area.

Priced at $495.00, the Net Return Mini Pro Series Golf Net is a full $200 less than the Pro Series, and is a great option if you are looking for a smaller net to use indoors.

Indoor Golf Net Reviews

Mini Pro Series Golf Net by The Net Return

"This was one of the best and most durable golf nets I have ever had. This has outlasted all of my previous golf nets." – Jack M. Verified Buyer

Learn More About The Mini Pro Series Golf Net

Best Backyard Golf Practice Net

Cimarron Masters Golf Net & Frame

best outdoor golf net

When looking for an outdoor golf net, you're going to want something that is industrial grade and built to withstand the elements.

The Cimarron Masters Golf Net Enclosure is one of our larger setups and is designed specifically for outdoor use, although it could also be used indoors at practice facilities, etc. It is our pick as the best backyard golf net.

This golf net comes in two different size options:

  • 10'L x 10'W x 10'H
  • 20'L x 10'W x 10'H

The availability of two sizing options allows you to tailor your backyard setup to your needs.

Additionally from a safety standpoint, this Cimarron golf net system is completely enclosed on three sides and at the top, creating a secure playing environment that protects you and your surroundings by preventing mis-hits from leaving the enclosure. 

All of the necessary netting materials are provided including the net (UV treated #252), 10' metal framing poles, 1" steel frame corners, baffle netting (heavy duty archery netting and is hung separately), and a golf net target. 

Installation is straight forward, and we even provide an easy to follow installation video for our customers.

Outdoor Golf Net Reviews

Cimarron Masters Golf Net with Complete Frame

"I installed the net more than 1 week. I use it almost every day, and is very satisfied with the quality of the net." – Anthony N. Verified Buyer

Learn More About The Cimarron Masters Golf Net

Best Garage Golf Net

Net Return Home Series Golf Net

net return home series golf net - best garage golf net

One of the more common locations for a home golf setup is the garage. Some do not have a dedicated space indoors, and while the garage may not be air conditioned it is covered and has ample lighting to serve the purpose. 

We recommend you focus two items when looking for a garage golf net. First is the golf net's size, primarily the height, to ensure it will fit as most garages typically have lower ceiling heights.

Secondly, you would be wise to find a golf net that includes side netting so as to protect the contents in the garage in the event of a mis-hit or shank.

There are several offerings that fit the mold, however our pick as the best golf net for the garage is the Net Return Home Series Golf Net.

The Home Series measures 7'H x 7'W x 3'6"D, making it the ideal size to fit in most garage spaces. You also have the choice of setting it up as a permanent setup (as in the picture), or it could be put up and taken down in between sessions.

Protective side barriers are available as an accessory and are a must.

The Home Series golf net has best in class quality and performance, features automatic ball return, and comes with the manufacturer's 250,000 shot guarantee.


Garage Golf Net Reviews

Home Series Golf Net

"This a great home net. It's really large, can't imagine needing the larger one. Ball comes right back you. Waaaay better than the Rucket net that I bought that lays in my backyard gathering dust. I use this with the Skytrak and a Dura-pro hitting mat. Great combo, absolutely helps my game. Never have to go to the range anymore" – Johnny G. Verified Buyer

Learn More About The Home Series Golf Net

Best Golf Ball Nets for Houses

Cimarron Golf Ball Barrier Net

golf ball barrier netting by cimarron sports



If you live on a golf course, then you may want to invest in barrier netting to protect your home from errant tee shots.

We offer industrial-grade barrier netting manufactured by Cimarron Sports that is great for both commercial and residential applications.

The golf ball netting is available in various sizes/configurations and is designed to combat the elements. It is water resistant, UV treated, and will not shrink.


  • 7/8" Polyethylene Mesh 
  • Mesh sewn together for finished border
  • Heavy Duty
  • For Driving Ranges, Golf Courses, Homes, Roadways, etc.

Best Golf Ball Net For Houses Reviews

Cimarron Sports Golf Ball Barrier Netting

"We live adjacent from the 3rd tee box at our club. It takes almost a 90 degree shank to hit it towards our house. Bozo's still manage to do it. The net spares us from non-stop insurance claims." – Vincent T. Verified Buyer

Learn More About The Cimarron Golf Ball Net

Best Golf Practice Nets of 2021 - Complete List




Pro Series V2  - Best Golf Net Overall


Mini Pro Series Net - Best Indoor Golf Practice Net


Cimarron Masters Golf Net & Frame - Best Backyard Golf Hitting Net


Net Return Home Series - Best Garage Golf Net


Cimarron Barrier Netting - Best Golf Ball Barrier Net 



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Golf Net Buying Guide

Important Considerations When Shopping For A Golf Net

A few things to consider when purchasing a golf net include:

  • Do you want a permanent setup or something you can assemble and take down quickly?
  • How much space do you have available?
  • Budget Concerns: How much money are you willing to invest - understanding the quality and experience you will get at various price points.
  • Are you using the net with a simulator or just practice?
  • Will you be using your net indoors or outdoors?

We'll try to answer these questions in the guide for the various options we have available in our store.

The Premium Option - The Net Return

If you want the best product then look no further than The Net Return. They have clearly established themselves as the leader in the golf net market.

Their products are all bestsellers on our site and have extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Their combination of materials, design, and ease of use make it a truly unique product. You can watch this video to see why. 

While you will pay a little more, the benefits are:

  • They are much easier to assemble, take apart and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Their netting is far more durable (most models carry a 250,000 shot guarantee)
  • The design offers the best practicing experience - your ball is easily returned to you after every swing


cimarron swing master golf net and frame

Budget Options (Below $300)

If your budget is below $300 we have some good options for you from a company called Cimarron Sports. They offer a great value, and we will discuss what are reasonable expectations for their products. 

The Swing Master Golf Net and Frame from Cimarron is a great option for many golfers. At $259, it's reasonably inexpensive for its size and quality.

The net measures 7 feet high and roughly 11 feet wide, which is important to note if you have limited space. The frame is made from 1 1/2" steel, which will provide plenty of support and stability. Additionally, it will return the ball back to your hitting position with relative ease.

This net is probably best used as a permanent structure, as it requires a decent amount of assembly. Also, its size probably makes it best suited for an outdoor application unless you have a large enough space inside of your house.

Overall, this is a great option for golfers who are on a limited budget but still want to get a quality hitting experience that will last.

A Note About Extreme Budget Nets

There are a number of golf nets available for people with extreme budgets. While it might be enticing to purchase a net that costs $50 - $100, typically you get what you pay for in that category.

We have tried several products in that price range and found the following:

  • They are very difficult to assemble and take apart
  • The hitting experience is poor - your ball will not be returned easily, which can get tiresome 
  • The materials used are inferior. Holes will develop rather quickly in spots that are getting the most use

So while it might be enticing to save a few bucks on a budget net, be aware that you will get what you pay for! We have chosen to stock nets that we know perform well, which is why you will not see those options in our net store.

Wrapping it Up

Getting the right practice net for your home is an important decision. At Shop Indoor Golf, we make sure to stock quality products that we know will provide you with a better experience.

You can check out our full selection of golf nets on this page.

Have More Questions? Feel Free to Reach Out !

This guide is intended to provide an overview of golf practice nets. We realize however that it may not answer every question that you may have. If at any point you find yourself with additional questions, or are just looking for product advice, give us a call at 866-723-0311. You can also reach us via email at Our team of friendly golfers are knowledgeable and ready to help with any and all of your launch monitor questions.


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