Deciding which Aspect Ratio is right for your home setup

What is Aspect Ratio?

Before we talk about which aspect ratio is best for your setup we need to explain what an Aspect Ratio is. The aspect ratio tells us the ratio of width to height. It is common to see aspect ratios of 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9

Aspect Ratios of 1:1 are squares, the height and width are the same. The aspect ratios we are more concerned about encompass rectangles (4:3, 16:9).

The best way to describe these types of aspect ratios is to divide the width by the height. For example, for an aspect ratio of 4:3 we would divide 4  by 3 which is 1.3. This means when you have an aspect ratio of 4:3 the width is 1.3 times the height. 

What does this have to do with Golf Simulators?

One of the most important components in golf simulation is the projector that you will be using. Every Projector has a Native Aspect Ratio. This is the ratio that is set when you take your projector out of the box. It will be the best setting for your projector, showing both the most amount of pixels as well as the best resolution. You can change the aspect ratio of your projector but in doing so you will lose pixels and decrease resolution. 

Because we want you to get the most out of your screen and golf simulator projector, we recommend matching your projectors native aspect ratio with the screen of your choice. If you have a projector who's native aspect ratio is a 16:9 then we recommend getting a 16:9 screen.  

An important thing to note is that there are no projectors that have a native aspect ratio of 1:1, in order to fit this aspect ratio. you will have to adjust your settings.

Aspect Ratio and Resolution:
1:1  - 1080 x 1080 Resolution 
4:3  - Extended Graphics Array (XGA) Resolution 
16:9  - Wide Extended Graphics Array (WXGA) Resolution 
16:10  - Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array (WUXGA) Resolution

Projectors we recommend:



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