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Ernest Sports is one of the few companies that makes golf launch monitors for EVERY budget. With their cheapest option being as low as $200 to their most expensive one coming in just under $5,500 their is something for everyone! Take a look at the amazing golf simulator / launch monitor offerings that Ernest Sports has and remember you can give us a call anytime during normal business hours if you need help piecing together the perfect golf simulator package!

Ernest Sports Launch Monitors & Software Options

Below are the main THREE offerings Ernest Sports offers your everyday golfer:

ES12 Launch Monitor

The ES12 Launch Monitor coming in at under $200. For the price you will be hard pressed to find anything cheaper than this on the market.

  • Can track carry distance, total distance and ball speed.
  • Cannot track smash factor, club head speed and other data points.
ES14 Launch Monitor

The ES14 Launch Monitor comes in at just under $500. For that price you get an above average simulator that has fewer limitations, just still not quite up to par with products like SkyTrak, Foresight Sports or TruGolf.

  • Skills Challenges Also Installed On The ES14
  • Access to more data such as clubhead speed, spin rate and smash factor.
    Lacks single or multi-players golf simulation (playing courses)
ES16 Launch Monitor

The ES16 Launch Monitor has everything you could possibly want, and is one of our best launch monitors. From the software to the data points it tracks, this is as complete of a golf simulator option out on the market.

  • Yet the ES16 sells at less than HALF the price!
  • In a head to head study against Trackman, the ES16 launch monitor was found to be BARELY less accurate (talking less than 2 yards per club).

The ES15 Launch Monitor Perfect For Teaching Pros

Ernest Sports does offer a 4th launch monitor that rarely gets used by residential customers. The ES15 launch monitor is the perfect fit for any teaching pros who hold lessons at a local range and want their data in an easy to see display for both the instructor and player.

  • 3 Doppler radars
  • Easy to use & rugged
  • Can be used on grass or mats
  • Accurate on the range for all skill sets
  • Can increase your customer base immediately
  • Shot data is displayed instantly on 2 LCD displays
  • Rechargeable battery that last 140 hours

Golf Simulation Software With Ernest Sports:

One of the best things about Ernest Sports and the ES16 Launch Monitor is the fact that it allows you to choose multiple software simulation options that all work with their ES16 Launch Monitor. Many golf simulator companies will make sure only a SINGLE software works with their product so they can sometimes triple, even quadruple the price of it. Ernest Sports works with the three amazing simulation software options below:

  • The Golf Club
  • E6
  • Perfect Parallel.
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