Tour Links Putting Greens

Tour Links Putting Greens - The Most Realistic Indoor Putting Green

Tour Links Putting Greens are premium indoor putting greens that allow you to have the country club putting green experience from the comfort of your home. 

Tour Links is one of the few putting greens that is actually built up on a small platform of interlocking panels cushioned with 2 inches of premium turf.

This allows the ball to ACTUALLY drop into the hole while practicing; something that has shown to have a significant impact on the mental side of your training session. 

These putting greens are actually one of the few indoor options that allow you to stand on the putting surface without seeing a "dip" or "bowing" of the green; which can change the contact point and stance when putting. 

Tour Links At PGA of America Showcase

Tour Links Build Quality

Tour Links Putting Greens Are Used By The Best In The Golf Business:

    • Taylormade
    • Ping
    • Callaway
    • Mizuno
    • Golfsmith
    • Club Champion
    • The US Open (Fan Experience)
    • PGA of America
    • The Golf Channel

Tour Links Putting Greens Technology:

After years of trial and error, Tour Links has sold over 2 MILLION SQUARE FEET of putting greens since 2001.

The main reason Tour Links has become a staple for golf enthusiasts and professionals alike is due to its simple setup and years free maintenance design. 

  • Patented Modular Design Which Allow Easy Setup
  • Can Be Put Together In 15 Mins or Less With Just A Screwdriver!
  • Patented "Contour" Design Allows Indoor Greens To Have Natural "Breaks" In Them For Realistic Practice
  • Clocks In At A Consistent 12 On The Stimpmeter
  • Permanent Fixtures Allow Years Of Maintenance Free Use
  • Made in USA

Tour Links Putting Greens Durability

Other Companies That Have Installed Tour Links:

Tour Links Putting Greens are not just for hardened professionals or golf companies. Take a look at the list of companies below that use Tour Links Putting Greens for their employees:

    • ESPN
    • Geico
    • Fox Sports
    • Chevrolet
    • Lexus
    • The New York Stock Exchange
    • The US Army
    • Even The White House!!!

How To Clean Your Tour Links Putting Green

Take A Look At This Tour Links Collegiate Setup:

Tour Links Putting Green Virginia Tech

Even College Programs Are Turning To The Tour Links Putting Greens As Training Aids For Their Athletes:

Fact of the matter is many colleges do not have the luxury of being able to play golf year round.

So many universities have started installing Tour Links products so their teams can practice their putting stroke year round!

Check out a few of the colleges below that have added Tour Links Putting Greens to their practice regimen: 

    • Notre Dame
    • Virginia Tech
    • University of Washington
    • University of Connecticut
    • West Virginia University
    • Wake Forest University
    • Princeton University

Tour Links Indoor Putting Greens for Better Practice

Did you know most golfers will never break 100? For almost every single one, it is because of poor putting. Tour Links Putting Green is a true at-home practice aid.

You’ve heard it said “Practice doesn’t make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect.” By replicating a real course green’s roll speed, turf feel, and ball drop, Tour Links greens help you achieve perfect practice in the most convenient location for you.

Get your Tour Links putting green for your home or office ordered today. Start improving your game by practicing this drill on your new Tour Links green and start scoring better tomorrow.


Take a look at the many Tour Links Putting Options we have below. We are positive we can find a putting surface that meets your individual needs!


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