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Rolls So True

Every serious golfer should have a Big Moss green. I've always chipped and putted over carpet at home while watching tv or taking a break from work. I remember watching the Big Moss infomercial on Golf Channel a few years ago and wondering how much one of their greens cost. I never looked into it further because I was a student at the time. With little time for golf, I started thinking again about personal greens. I did some research online and in store and was disappointed that no manufacturer I'd encountered made a true-rolling personal green. I decided to check out Big Moss. I was surprised to find the EX1 (and several other models) at such an affordable price. Judging by the infomercial, which is filmed real-time (i.e. not a "Where did the soda go?" type of infomercial), I knew these greens rolled true. I finished my beer to make the decision easier and ordered my Big Moss EX1. I've now been using my green daily when I'm home. I love it. The roll is so true. The size makes it so versatile. My model is one of the smaller models, but still lets me work on a range of short game skills from tap-ins to ten-footers to chip shots. It is great knowing my short game is consistently honed to precision. When I finally do get out on the course, I know I'll be comfortable over the ball anywhere on or around the green. Missed putts are my head's fault - bad read, bad speed - not a byproduct of lack of practice. My son is 8, and he loves the green almost as much as I do. He uses it almost daily and has fun making crazy "break snake" greens for me to conquer. The green works great on our carpet. The speed is fast and the roll is true. Standing on the green while on carpet does not depress the green like I feared. The green is even faster on a hard surface. It is so easy to roll up and put away that I can comfortably bring it outside with us when we grill out. Golfers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars each year experimenting with new gadgets. Frequently ignored is the simplest and best training device: your own personal green! Do yourself a favor and invest in a Big Moss green. Your short game will improve and develop consistency. You and your family will also have a ton of fun.

Great Product

I did a lot of research before deciding on Big Moss for my putting greens. I wanted something better than Birdieball and a bit more cost effective than trueline and tourlinks. I decided to go with Big Moss because of the other reviews I had read and also the pricing was inline with what I wanted to pay. Customer Service/Order Promptness: This wasn't a big criteria for me as I ordered it and expected the typical online responses. I got notified when it was placed and tracking info when it shipped. It took about 2 days to process and then shipping was a breeze but I'm also in IL. Best thing to say here is I didn't have to wait long to practice my game. Unboxing: Opening the box I could see this wasn't a cheap product. The fabric was on par with what you would find at a golf store for their putting greens. The break snake and ball stop are just what you expect pieces of green foam with double stick velcro you put on yourself. Admittedly I was a bit disappointed in this but after putting it on it does the job well. Stop the balls from rolling off all over the place. Roll: I'm playing on a basement floor so I don't have the issues of carpet but it rolls true. I would guess around 10 on a stimp but you can slow it down by vacuuming as other reports have stated. I am looking for confidence in my putting stroke so this type of speed and true roll are perfect for me. Ramped Hole: The hole does ramp up at the end to fit the cup which is about an inch in depth. They ramp is gradual though and you putts rarely lose enough speed to miss the cup. (best puts are 17" behind the hole according to the pro's anyways) Cannot say much about durability as its been a few days only but it looks like it was made to last. Its not a cheap green that doesn't fold down or comes with a bunch of creases. This is made for people who want a quality product but don't have $400 plus to spend. The EX1 was a good choice on length as the original at 9 ft would have been short. The only issue would be you cannot stand on the end of the green for all your putts as it just isn't wide enough. Not a big deal for me as the transition is only .125" thick but serious players may want to opt for the larger widths. Overall for about $200 you cannot go wrong with this green. It rolls true and having it in your house will certainly help your practice. I would certainly be looking to big moss again for my next purchase.

Five Stars

very cool, works best on hard service

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