Indoor Putting Guide

indoor putting green guide

Working on your putting at home is something that a golfer at any level can do. If you want some more confidence over those testy par putts on the course, this is one of the best types of practice you can do to lower your scores.

At Shop Indoor Golf, our goal is to stock quality products that we know will give you the best experience. In this guide, we'll give you a rundown of the different indoor putting greens out there.

We have a few options for different budgets and will break it down by price for you.

Budget - Under $500

If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, we have several options.

Big Moss is one of the leaders in this category, and we are proud to carry their products.

Here are a few models you can consider if you are on a budget:

Focus Point Training Green 

indoor putting green guide

This design from Michael Breed is a great training aid if you have limited space. It features a narrowly focused zone which leads to a smaller-than-normal golf hole. It is also slightly tilted uphill, which will help promote a putting stroke that accelerates through impact.

For only $79, this is one of the best bargain indoor putting greens because it gives unique visual aids that will help make your practice more effective. Additionally, it fits in nicely if you have limited space in your office or home.

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Competitor Pro Putting Green & Chipping Mat

Big Moss competitor pro

If you want a larger surface and have a slightly larger budget, than this model from Big Moss is a great option ($229). The surface measures 3' x 12' and has three differently-shaped holes. The 2", 3", and regulation holes will help vary the challenge of sinking each putt, which is a popular practice technique used by elite amateurs and professionals.

Additionally, the surface of this green is more realistic. Big Moss has developed their True Roll technology, which helps recreate the speed of a real green for putting and chipping. The material is multi-layered and triple-stitched, which makes it a durable product that will last for years.

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The General

Big Moss General indoor putting green

If you want to step things up a notch, then take a look at the General. Measuring 6 feet by 12 feet, this is a much larger surface for golfers who have space.

This model comes in a bit pricier at $450, but the extra space makes it feel like a real putting green. You can add contours to the surface to practice those nasty breaking putts that give you trouble on the course.

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Mid-level ($500 - $1000)

If you have a bigger budget, there are a few more options. At this price level, you can get larger surfaces that have sturdier bases that will lift your green above your flooring. 

Fiberbuilt Monterrey Links Putting Green

Fiberbuilt indoor putting green

At $599, the Monterrey Links Putting Green from Fiberbuilt is a great option. It measures 4' x 10' and also features a realistic chipping turf. All Fiberbuilt products come with their proprietary rubber foundation frame and EPS pods that create a soft, realistic base to stand on.

This green measures approximately 9 on the stimpmeter, which will give you a very realistic roll. Overall, this is a great entry level item for golfers who want a more professional looking indoor putting green that is raised above their floor.

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Tour Links Premium Putting Green

Tour Links indoor putting green

Tour Links is another leader in the indoor putting green space. They have a patented system that allows them to create a strong base to stand on and a very realistic putting experience. You can watch this video to see how their system works.

It measures 4' x 10', which gives plenty of space to stand on. At just under $800, this model is meant for golfers who want a standalone structure that will perform at a high level for years. 

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Premium ($1000 and above)

If you have the budget to go past $1000, you can get yourself a much larger surface that will make your buddies drool!

Fiberbuilt Kingston Putting and Chipping Green

fiberbuilt putting green

Measuring 10' by 10', this green from Fiberbuilt is a monster. If you have space, and the budget (it costs $1499) - this is definitely going to make your practice space stand out. One of the benefits of having the larger surface is that you can practice your chipping as well.

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Tour Links 12' x 12' Premium Putting Green

Tour Links premium putting green

This green from Tour Links is the largest surface we carry at Shop Indoor Golf. Measuring 12' x 12' this is an absolutely massive practice space. 

It will set you back just over $2,000. But if you want one of the best (and largest) surfaces out there, then this model should be given serious consideration.

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Wrapping it Up

Practicing your putting indoors is easier than ever. We have a variety of surfaces for you to choose from based on your budget and space requirements.

If you are looking to shave some easy strokes off your scores then this is one of the best ways to do it! Remember - drive for show, putt for dough.

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