Foam Undulation Padding
Foam Undulation
Foam undulation dimensions
Foam undulation stacked
Downhill Straight putt on SIG flooring
Uphill Straight Putt on SIG Flooring
Left to Right Breaking putts on SIG flooring
Right to Left Breaking Putts on SIG flooring
Subtle breaking putt on SIG flooring
Hard Breaking Putt on SIG flooring

Foam Undulation Kit



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Foam Undulation Kit

The Foam Undulation Kit is the perfect accessory for the Golf Simulator Flooring! This kit allows you to create hundreds of putts with varying break and elevation.

The foam can be easily cut, folded, and stacked in order to create different green speeds and breaks for your simulator flooring.

How It Works

Simply place the foam pieces under your flooring to create your desired break and speed! 

For Left to Right Breaking putts, place a diagonally cut piece of foam on top of a regular rectangular piece on the left side of where you are putting. For Right to left Putts repeat the same steps except place the foam pieces on the right side of where you are putting. 

To create hills, simply stack the foam pieces on top of each other. 

The foam pieces are easy to cut and stack. For some breaks, cutting the foam pieces may be required. 

For More information on how to create different breaks and speeds click here! 

Create Multiple Breaks and Speeds

  • Uphill / Downhill Putts
  • Left to Right Breaking Putts
  • Right to Left Breaking Putts 
  • Early Breaking Putts 
  • Late Breaking Putts
  • Subtle Breaking Putts
  • Hard Breaking Putts

The Foam Undulation Kit Includes

  • (24) 12"L x 9"W x .25"H thickness foam sheets 


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