SkyTrak vs Foresight GC2: Answering Your Common Questions

skytrak vs gc2

If you are in the market for an extremely accurate launch monitor that can be used indoors for a home golf simulator, then you've most likely been comparing SkyTrak with the Foresight GC2. These are two great products that use photometric technology to give you an accurate representation of your ball flight.

However, there are some major differences in costs, software integrations, and performance that you should be aware of. This article will clear up a few of those to make your decision a little easier. As always, the staff here at Shop Indoor Golf is more than happy to answer any specific questions you might have.

Foresight GC2

The Foresight GC2 has been one of the most popular launch monitors on the market since it became available. It's accurate, dependable, and can be used both indoors and outside for a number of applications.

foresight gc2

The GC2 is a commercial-grade launch monitor that is well-suited for indoor use because of its use of high-speed cameras. It is used by teaching professionals, club fitters, and for simulation purposes. Since the company launched their newer GCQuad model, you can now purchase a refurbished GC2 for far less money than it initially cost when it was first released.

There are a few things to consider about the Foresight GC2 if you are using it for a home golf simulator. First, the unit itself is a larger investment at $5,400. If you want to add on the HMT Club Head analysis, which will provide accurate data on your swing and impact location, it is an additional $4,900. Lastly, their FSX software package, which will allow you to play 5 simulated golf courses, will cost around $3,000.

Adding that up will put you in the neighborhood of $8,000 - $13,000 without including costs for your mat, net, and other equipment.

If you have the money to invest and want one of the most accurate and advanced home simulator options, then the GC2 is a worthwhile investment. However, compared to SkyTrak there are some interesting comparisons to make because there is such a large price differential.


When SkyTrak was released it shook up the home golf simulation market. It was the first launch monitor geared towards recreational golfers that offered accuracy comparable to commercial-grade systems for far less money. Additionally, its vast collection of software options at competitive prices made it one of the most versatile products.

skytrak golf

SkyTrak also uses high-speed cameras to capture ball data, which is a more accurate solution if you are playing indoors. Radar-based systems such as Trackman and Flightscope require more space to see the ball travel, which makes them difficult to use in smaller spaces.

So what are the major differences between SkyTrak and the Foresight GC2?

Well, first and foremost there is a huge cost differential. A new SkyTrak unit costs $1,995 versus $5,400 for the GC2. Additionally, you can get access to plenty of high-end simulation software for as little as $200 - $300 a year with SkyTrak, which is a major cost saving compared to Foresight. SkyTrak also boasts a larger collection of integrations to choose from including World Golf Tour, TruGolf, The Golf Club, and Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

In terms of accuracy, they are extremely close. There have been many independent tests done between the two units and while the results are not exactly the same, SkyTrak offers ball data that is very similar to the GC2. The only major difference you will notice is the amount of time for a shot to register. The GC2 will display your results almost immediately whereas the SkyTrak could take anywhere between 5-8 seconds depending on your hardware setup. For some golfers, this might be an issue, but for most, it will not.

Wrapping It Up

The Foresight GC2 and SkyTrak are both excellent products. If you are in the market for a home golf simulator and want the most accurate ball data possible, these are both great picks.

While the GC2 has a little more power and accuracy, you will pay for it. SkyTrak becomes an extremely attractive option because it offers far more software integration options, is much less expensive, and can stand toe to toe with the GC2 in terms of accuracy.

We have multiple packages available for both of these products at the best prices. If you have any questions on either of these products don't hesitate to contact our staff - we are here to help!