SkyTrak Vs TrackMan 4


When looking to set up a simulator in your home there are many options to choose from, some are relatively cheap, some can be very expensive.  Two of the most commonly used launch monitors are SkyTrak and Trackman 4. 

Having taught thousands of lessons on both devices, I hope to give you some insight into these two options and help you decide on which one to purchase.

We are going to go through what each of these devices does, what they read, and how they can help you improve your game. Then we are going to show you how they compare, and what you can expect from both of them.

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SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

The SkyTrak was launched in 2014 and has consistently been voted by Golf Digest as the best launch monitor value on the market.  It has a long history of being an affordable, reliable tool to help improve your game.

  It is used by teachers, professional golfers, club fitters, and average golfers for many years.  It is a photometric system, meaning that it uses high-speed cameras to measure ball flight data as it comes off the face of the club. 

It will measure ball speed, launch angle, and spin in the initial stages of flight, which in turn helps it calculate club speed, carry distance and roll distance as well as shot shape and distance off line.

Coming in at around $2000 dollars, Skytrak will give you the basic data points you need to improve and give you good insight on your golf game. 

It can also be used for at home simulation and has options to play and practice your game at-home.  Whether you use the WGT software that comes with a Play and Improve package and has 12 really good courses available, or you upgrade to E6 connect, The Golf Club 2019, or Creative Golf.

Having the ability to use at home on a simulator to play golf, practice on a range, and get data about your shots is an invaluable tool to help you improve. 

SkyTrak can give you all of this.  Your numbers won't be as vast as what other systems can provide, but it gives you the ones you need to improve. 

TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor Review

Trackman 4 was launched in lat 2015 and is one of the most widely used launch monitors in sports, not just in golf.  It has vast array of uses and is also used in Major League Baseball and the National Football League to track ball data. 

In golf you will see it lining ranges at PGA Tour events, as well as many indoor simulator facilities, and teaching facilities, it is widely regarded as the best launch monitor on the market. 

Starting at $19,000 you will know right away the difference between a Trackman and most other devices.  First off, it is extremely accurate. 

The Trackman 4 has one of the best radar systems on the market. Second, it also has multiple uses, as it can read anything that is moving through it's path.

Trackman uses a dual doppler system to help it read both the ball and club as they come through impact.  It has about 40 data parameters that it can read, which is far more than its closest competitor.

  It will show you everything from speed, launch and spin, to club face angle, club path, and dynamic loft. It also can be used with a multitude of software options to play golf, but has very good simulation software available for purchase also.  This is the-top-of-line.

Head to Head Comparison

While the price difference is dramatic between these two products, they actually have similar uses when it comes to golf. 

SkyTrak is 1/10th the price and still gives you some really good data and has been proven to be 97% as accurate as a Trackman. 

The other important thing to note for home use, is that a SkyTrak sits beside the golf ball and only needs a few inches to get an accurate reading, meaning it is great for home use because of the minimal space required. 

Trackman on the other hand, need almost 25 feet to read indoors accurately, so unless you have a massive garage or open space in your house, look at a SkyTrak.

Outdoor's, the Trackman has a huge advantage being a doppler system.  It won't get distracted by the sun or sand blocking its view.  SkyTrak can be used outside as well, but history has shown it's probably better suited for indoor use.

When it comes to data, SkyTrak is sufficient with ball speed, club speed, launch angle, and spin rates, plus all the distance numbers.  The Trackman tracks almost every measurable that you can read, with the exception of club deflection.

Not only does it give you data overload it is very accurate with that data, as long as you have enough space to use it.


  • More affordable option
  • Indoor only
  • Normal Space Requirements
  • Compact Size
  • Tracks 12 Ball & Clubhead Metrics
  • Different Game Improvement Plans - Basic, Game Improve, Play Improve
  • Multiple Software Options

Trackman 4

  • Higher Priced Option
  • Indoor Or Outdoor
  • 25ft Space Requirement
  • Large Size
  • Tracks 20+ Ball & Clubhead Metrics
  • Trackman App - Shot Analysis, Putting, Test Center
  • TrackMan Software


While both of these products can have similar uses, they really occupy two different markets.  SkyTrak being the basic, affordable launch monitor that you can use with limited space indoors. 

The Trackman 4 is a the top of the line portable launch monitor used mainly by touring and teaching professionals and some high-end indoor golf facilities.

The Trackman 4 is an awesome product and can tell you everything you need to know about your ball and club, but for an extra 22k, it might not be worth it for most people. 

I would save that money and find a really good instructor to help me with my game, or upgrade your software and computer so you can have fun playing more golf at home with your SkyTrak!